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The King of Her Heart

Updated on October 18, 2014

The old king is dead! The old king is dead indeed…

Long live the new king! Well, I’m not so sure about the new king…

He was the new king and this has become obvious. The kingdom has chosen him to be the king, the only king… However, there was something that bothered him about this new situation. For one, he had no idea how to be a good king. This was his first time as a king, and he genuinely enjoyed it. He had loved the kingdom for a very long time before he was made king, so there were no problems in that department. Nevertheless, becoming a king was something he didn't expect and, as it was already noted, had no idea about. He had many new duties as a king – most of which were very pleasant to him. He learned that a kingdom is not something your rule, but rather something you love with your whole heart and respect with the deepest devotion. He experienced the true meaning of love, joy, pleasure, happiness and sadness with his kingdom. But all of these feelings were somewhat blocked or at least interrupted by another feeling in king’s heart…

I am now the king. The one and only king of my beloved kingdom. I can hardly believe it! Oh, how I love my kingdom, how I cherish it, how I am truly happy for being the king for the first time in my life! How long have I waited for this moment to come, and now my kingdom has chosen me to be the king… My kingdom will be happy with me as the king, I will take care of it, I will fight for it, I will protect it with my life! I see now that being a king is much more than I thought it was. The king becomes one with the kingdom, they experience the true feeling of commitment to one another, they feel the love only a king and his kingdom can share, a true desire to be together forever. I now see how a king can enjoy himself with his kingdom… I would very much like to be able to completely experience all of these wonderful feelings, but there is something that is stopping me from doing so. Yes, there truly is, and this is something I cannot get out of my head…

The king was troubled by something that wasn't even true. However, it was true in the king’s mind, and this was all that really mattered. Namely, before this king really became the king, he was good friends with the former king. Now, even though the former king never told our king that their beautifu kingdom was his possession or that no one should ever be king after the former king dies, our king was of the opinion that he did something bad by becoming the new king. Yes, the king we are talking about had a lot of problems when he became the actual king, and all of these problems came from his idea that he had something to do with the death of the old king. As these two kings were friends, our king thought that the fact that he became the king would be seen as an dishonorable thing to do, because he saw many other kings killing each other over their kingdoms…

I helped with the assassination of the old king, and now I am the king instead of him… This is too painful for me to bear and I think that I will abdicate my throne as soon as possible. However, how can I give up this beautiful kingdom, this kingdom I have loved for such a long time and I finally have the chance to be a part of…? No, I cannot do it, I will not give up my kingdom! I will be the king my kingdom wants me to be! I don’t care what the old king would say if he found out about this – I am the new king and I will stop thinking about the old king right away! I simply don’t care!

At this point of our story, the king still thought that he had done something bad and that the old king would be angry with him if he found out what had happened. Now, the most important thing in this story is the fact that our king was pretty much delusional and he didn’t know what he was talking about when it comes to this old king vs. new king business. The fact was that the new king was loved by the kingdom and nothing else really mattered. He would also find this out, but this happened a little later and after so much time spent with a troubled mind.

After doing some serious thinking and after consulting with my kingdom, I have come to the conclusion that I have indeed made a mistake, but this mistake had nothing to do with the old king. No, I have treated my kingdom badly because I thought that my feelings and the feelings of the old king were more important than what my kingdom felt. All in all, I have realized that my kingdom is so beautiful and very important to me, in fact the most important thing in my life. Therefore, I have seen that it is not important who was the king first or whether I did something wrong to the old king – the only important thing is that my kingdom is happy now and that I love it with all my heart.

When our king finally realized the truth about all of this, he was very relieved. He could finally take care of his kingdom the way he wanted and enjoy his life without thinking about anybody or anything else except his kingdom – as this was the only thing he ever wanted to think about…


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    • nemanjaboskov profile image

      Nemanja Boškov 6 years ago from Serbia

      Hi, Keith!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      Yes, it's true that we sometimes fail to see what is obvious, but I guess that's what makes us learn new things in life...

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

      Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees, seems to sit nicely with this kingly tale. Well done for writing an enjoyable story. Cheers

    • nemanjaboskov profile image

      Nemanja Boškov 6 years ago from Serbia

      Thanks for your kind words, Christopher.

      I'm also glad he realized a few things in the end :)

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      I,m glad The King found his true vocation. Thanks for a really lovely story.

    • nemanjaboskov profile image

      Nemanja Boškov 6 years ago from Serbia

      Thanks, Ana :)

      I'm glad you liked it ;)

    • profile image

      Ana Gajic 6 years ago

      This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read! Your hub is king:)