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The Knock on Her Door

Updated on March 27, 2019

Let me tell you a story
about a girl who didn't even noticed by anyone
How she appeared to be just a shadow
How she appeared to be just invisible

She didn't know her purpose
Didn't know if she makes sense
She never knew who she was
Until she longed for caress

No one ever came near her way
Though she opened her door,
The path through her was still unknown
For no one even dared for it to be discovered

So in this entirety
Quite halfway of her death,
She let her world opened
Anyone was welcome
Although she knew that there were catastrophic possibilities

She was afraid,
She was frightened by a sudden truth
that there will be no one to drop
at least a single tear on her tomb

She didn't want to get drowned by her own tears
She didn't want to be bitten up by the blue
Until she found out that she can still managed to breathe

In the middle of gray sky
Heavy pour of rain
Loud thunder and shaking grounds,

Someone finally walked through her path,
Wept with her
Calmed her world

He decided to close her door
He promised her that he will stay longer than their lifetimes

For once in her life,
She felt that genuine care rushing within her
Running on every nerve within her body,
Giving life both to her mind and heart
Like how the Earth was made of atoms
Just as much the gravity took its toll

She was happy
They were happy
Until she remembered that there were loops in her world
Making her worry that he can escape anytime he wanted to
Or anytime love disappear anytime it wanted to

She was paranoid
She was worried where he will make his way out
Or what certain loop he will take
Or if he will be using the door

Maybe, she thought,
That was his reason of him closing the door
So she may not hear if he's going out and leave her
Was that a betrayal of fate?
Was that his clever way of destroying what's already fragile?

She stood there under the bright, gargantuan sky
Waiting to what will happen next
She felt literally nothing
She blamed herself for not being loved

But her world was meant to be an apocalypse
There were moonless nights
Cold, bitter air always whispering her
Shaking ground seemed to eat her whole

She dug deep her own grave
and wasn't surprise
as the only person who came...
left her

She came back to her senseless world
Dwelled again, to the only place where she truly belonged
It was her world...
Only hers

And then she came up with a pellucid choice,

That with any forms of reasons
with any kinds of truths
with any versions of sincerity

She will never again
allow anyone
to even knock
on her forever closed door.


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