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The Labyrinth-Part IX

Updated on February 20, 2014

Someone Is About To Experience QUITE A Wake-Up Call!

Joseph is currently interned in Agrotak. This place is strangely infernally eery. He is clearly uncomfortable being here. He is afraid to fall asleep because of being uncertain what would occur! Argotak is one of the worst places in hell for many reasons.

Souls interned in Argotak are often subjected to the inhumane whims of their demonic guards and other more dissolute souls. As Joseph will soon learn, this place is not a picnic. Picnic-please perish the thought! The true definition of hell is found and practiced in Argotak. There is certainly no "reprieve" and/or "mercy" here.

Joseph must learn many harsh lessons if his soul was to be purified and eventually evolved away from this hellish sphere! Baal and Lilya ventured down to Argotak, just taking a look at him. As Baal was to bother Joseph, Lucifer sternly instructed him to leave Joseph alone or else. When Lucifer mentioned or else, Baal's face became quite ashen, knowing that Lucifier was speaking about Galrohcep. Baal and Lilya quickly exited Argotak!

Lucifer smiled horrificly. Joseph looked fearful. Lucifer assured him that NO ONE will bother him and to rest! He obeyed Lucifer, falling asleep. He slept quite peacefully being in such a hellish place.

Then Joseph woke up to abnormally hellish screams, curses, and ephitets unheard of anywhere. These noises were coming from another section of Argotak. What was going on he asked! Then a quite horrific, unmentionable event occurred. There are very dissolute souls fighting each other- causing repeated horrific damage! He was quite sickened and nauseous at the site! He wanted to look away but was drawn to this site!

The souls saw Joseph, maliciously beckoning him to join! He ran away from these hellishly depraved souls but to no avail! As he ran away, they caught up with him. It was a neverending, hellishly diabolical game in proportions that a human mind could not comprehend! The souls suddenly enveloped Joseph, beating and torturing him horrificly. With each beating, the pain became more horrificly excruciating. Joseph could neither scream out nor vocalize his pain!

Joseph started calling out to Lucifer to help him! There was no response but infernal and malicious laughter. A lesser demon appeared, joining the malicious souls. Joseph was reduced to a massive bloodied pulp! There was no semblance of Joseph as he once was! Just a red blob!

Then all of a sudden-he materialized into his old form again, only to be beaten to an unrecognizable pulp! This was done for what seems to be quintillions of times. Will this torture even stop! Joseph was actually crying and screaming as if he was a little boy! He desperately pleaded the demon and the demoralized souls to please stop incessantly beating him! There was no need to do so!

However, these demoralized souls refused to listen, continuing with their egregiously heinous deed. Each time Joseph protested the inhumane beating, they became more maliciously and unfeeling. The way he was on the earth plane from the time he was in elementary to when he was an executive. One of the major demons watched this even impassively, remarking to Joseph that in life, he was an unfeeling bully who loved inflicting pain on countless victims. This demon added now he knows how it feels to be the victim- not pleasant isn't it! The demon laughed and walked away!

Joseph continued calling out to Lucifer to help him! There was an infernal chorus of demonic laughter! Belial appeared, ignoring Joseph! The beating continued to what seemed to be nine millenia in earth time. Belial just looked, laughing at Joseph and quickly disappearing!

Joseph was totally comatose. This further incited the utterly demoralized souls to continue to physically torture him. They devised methods more horrificly obsene and cruel in its intensity. Joseph could not stand the pain anymore and completely went unconscious. Again, the relentless dissoluate souls continued and continued in their hellish torture..................

Joseph was just flotsam............nothing more, nothing less! Lucifer then appeared and suddenly disappeared into an even more dangerous section of Argotak. Joseph was just motionlessly unconscious! No mercy abounded in this hellish place! No use of asking!

Joseph then came to. He was not bloodied anymore but materlialized again! He simply could not fathom the situation! He then saw and approached Lucifer, demanding why he did not offer assistance! Lucifer looked at him, explaining that this is the lowest rung of HELL- not paradise. Lucifer further added that here each soul must endure often horrific punishment in order to rectify his/her bad karma!

Lucifer clarified to Joseph that while he was on the earth plane, he was quite cognizant of the egregious, selfish, and inhumane acts he committed against others, often causing them physical, emotional, and psychological distress. He further elucidated that there is an effect to whatever acts are committed- good and/or bad. He then glared at Joseph with quite a demonic intensity, informing him that he is a big boy and to suffer his punishments like a man!

Joseph just looked nonplussed at Lucifer! Lucifer then bade him goodbye as he disappeared. Then two souls appeared. Joseph immediately recognized who they were. These souls were the initiators and instigators of one of the most horrific dictatorships and genocides ever! These souls appeared to be unrepentant as to their acts. He shrank in horror from these souls. However, they proceeded to progress to him, explaining their horrific acts!

Joseph became sickened at such horrific acts. One of the souls stated that Joseph's father was in their youth society and their purpose was to build a strong homogenous society! These souls smiled sardonically! Joseph ran away from these souls as fast as he could! He then breathed a sign of relief!

However, Joseph was not going to get a reprieve. These two souls sensed him, and followed him. They smiled at him, attempting to regal him with their tales of their regime. He wanted to escape but they refused to release him! These souls become more gleeful as they explained their life on the earth plane. Another soul, their enemy while on the earth plane, decided to join him but was immediately ejected by the two souls.

The three dissolute souls decided to engage in an intensely bloody physical altercation to the death! Joseph saw his chance and immediate left! He was finally at "peace"- well , peace according to the rules of Argotak! However, this was only temporarily- the three souls saw him and decided to include him in this bloody deadly fight!

Joseph did not have a prayer at all! These souls just pounced on him, beating him beyond recognition! He was not even a pulp this time but something indescribably less! He remained in this time for quite an indefinite time! The three souls left him, proceeding to cause even more havoc!

Joseph suddenly materialized! He was still in intense pain but he had to endure it! There was no help to be found in this awlful place! He thought he had to escape. How foolish this idea was. He knew the penalities of escaping the lowest rung of hell. Oh well, he is about to do AGAIN!

He started running, with the vision of Argotak slowly vanishing. He then reached Amolyk and then Scythia. He felt lighter and more ebullient regarding his quest. He again left the environs of lower hell, subsequently reaching upper hell. He was in Itannicnic. He remained there for quite a long time. He luxuriantly enjoyed Itannicnic's environs. He remained there for a while, wisely avoiding its inhabitants. Each time an inhabitant appeared, he would duck, knowing that these souls would tell him to leave! Leave! To go to the harsh and barren wastes of lowest hell! No thank you!

He remained quite unnoticed in Itannicnic. He walked around what seemed to be a millenium in earth time. Then a soul saw him, anxiously approaching him. This soul who identified himself as a suicidal teenager on the earth plane, pleaded with Joseph that his extremely dark energy is completely disrepairing the good karma he has received. This soul told Joseph to leave; however, he just mockingly laughed at the soul.

Then Joseph started to unmercifully kick this soul. This soul was unable to defend himself. This, of course, delighted Joseph who exhibited such satanic glee in beating this soul into a bloodied mess! The soul just lied down as Joseph left him, spitting at him and calling him a pejorative name for more sensitive males! The soul materialzed and started crying uncontrollably!

As the sensitive soul cried, another soul rushed to assist him. The second soul inquired as to what happened, the former soul was completely speechless regarding the incident, just asking to be helped. Joseph arrogantly walked through Itannicnic, looking at the trees and houses there! He thought to himself how utterly magnificent this place is. He could get quite accustomed to being here.

Then Joseph saw four souls walking about. He decided to hide into the woods until the souls disappeared. However, while he was in the woods, he saw another soul. This soul identified herself as a teenaged girl who had no sense of worth, further believing that life was quite hellish for her thus committing suicide. She further explained to him that this place was equal to her state of mind on the earth plane. Joseph seemed uninterested in the conversation, crudely brushing the soul off, calling her a loser and a failure!

Joseph continued walking for what seemed like miles. He was alone and at peace at last. He fall into quite a bucolic slumber. However, in his bucolic sleep state, horrible nightmares of foreboding appeared..............Was this a dream or real.....................


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you for your comments. They are greatly appreciated!

    • howtohandbook profile image


      6 years ago from Riyadh

      Interesting! I will try to spare some time to read all parts.


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