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The Labyrinth, Part V

Updated on December 25, 2012

Someone Is About To Experience QUITE A Wake-Up Call!

Joseph is walking towards the edge of Sibyr. Instead of being abnormally cold, the place is diametrically the opposite. The heat is intense, almost unbearable. The place is totally pitch black with bright blood red fires burning throughout. He is sweating and feeling unusually faint.

What is wrong? Is Joseph losing his characteristic strength? As he is walking towards the edge, another disembodied soul wanted to speak to him. The voice stated that while he was on the earth plane, he was a German SS officer during World War II. This voice indicated that he was the Butcher of Riga who massacred countless innocent men, women, and children. The voice further stated that he believed at the time that he was doing what was right. The voice added that he believed it until the end.

The voice stated that upon his death bed, dark spirits surrounded him. The voice maintained that these spirits were hissing malevolently at him. The voice related to Joseph that all the screams and lamentations to God were ignored; these dark entities were dragging him into the abyss.......into hell. The voice stated that when he awoke, he was in the lower rungs of hell. When the voice asked Jaq why he was in this part of hell, Jaq just looked at him and punched him hard.

The voice relayed that he was placed in The Pits where he had to look at pictures of his actions repeatedly. The voice contended that the first time he viewed his actions, he started to leave but Jaq and Aku forbade him to leave. The voice began to wail unconrollably that this was unbearable. Jaq vehemently hissed at him that what the innocent men, women, and children had to endure inhuman and unbearable agonies before they were mercilessly and coldly masscred. The voice stated that then Jaq called him a profane epithet!

The voice said that subsequently he saw the error of his ways. However, the voice maintained that he had to endure the punishments of The Pits for a very long time before his karma is rectified! Joseph stated to the voice what he did was nothing in comparison to what the voice did. The voice replied to Joseph that he is in the lower rungs of hell because of the egregious acts he committed while on the earth plane.

Joseph attempted to argue with the voice. The voice became increasingly disgusted, trying to persuade Joseph to reform his ways. The more the voice talked to Joseph, the more arrogant he became. Finally, the voice bade Joseph goodbye. Jaq and Aku escorted the voice back to The Pits.

Then a second disembodied soul came forth. The voice stated that while he was on the earth plane, he was alive during the Spanish Inquisition. The voice explained that he was a highly placed religious figure. He stated that he was intolerant of those who did not adhere strictlly to nor followed the Christian path. He further relayed that he burned women accused of witchcraft and other non-Christians.

The voice maintained that he thought what he was doing was right and just. He further believed that he would receive his just reward when he died. However, he relayed that on his death bed instead of seeing a bright light, he saw a very murky cloud. He remarked to Joseph that he was becoming increasingly fearful but to no avail. He indicated that he last remembered screaming and the hellish laughter of the dark entities!

The voice related that here he is in the lower rungs of hell. He stated that he could not believe it at all. Why him of all people! He stated that upon entering hell, he was also consigned to The Pits where he had to watch his actions over and over again! He relayed that was hell but the demonic entities would not permit him to relent. He had to watch pictures of his actions repeatedly until he somewhat learned the effect of his actions on others.

The voice maintained that he finally realized what he done was mortally wrong although while on the earth plane, his actions were honored and exhorted by the Christian Church as just. He maintained that he learned the lesson of religious tolerance and that one religion was no better than another. However, he maintained that he will be in The Pits for only a short while longer for he has somewhat reformed. He related that after his reformation, he will be transferred to the upper rungs of hell for further purification until he is ready to go towards the light! He explained to Joseph that his arrogance is going to ultimately cost him his soul essence if he elects to remain unrepentant! Joseph just laughed at the soul and proceeded on.

The voice pursued him, exhorting him about the necessity of changing his ways., Joseph told the voice to go to hell. The voice replied that he is already in hell. Joseph just waved at the voice and proceeded toward the further edges of Sibyr. The voice stated that he felt fearful and very sorry for Joseph.

Joseph walked towards the further edges of Sibyr. Then he slipped further and further down. He was in The Pits. The Pits was a dreadful place. This is the place where punishments of such infernal magnitude occur. Souls placed in The Pits must endure unending punishments until they reform. The punishments are of such an extreme nature that few souls escape unaffected!

Joseph was hoping that he would not be consigned to The Pits. Then he saw another demon, The most incorrigible souls were placed here under the guard of demonic entities. For the first time, Joseph was deathly afraid. He must escape-and fast! He started to run, faster and faster but to no avail. The more he ran, the more he was stuck! He did not want to be in The Pits! The Pits was the Hell of hell.......literally!

Joseph just could not seem to escape The Pits. Then he heard a demonic voice laughing. When he turned around, no one was there. Then he saw something crawling! He become paralyzed at the snakelike dragon creature. Then this creature metamorphed into a darkly handsome man, Baal. Baal was extremely handsome with dark warm olive skin, warm olive grey eyes, and blue black hair. Besides being handsome, he was masculine in an androgynous way.

Baal approached Joseph, inquiring what he was doing walking about. Joseph did not reply so Baal dragged him into The Pits for corrective therapy. Joseph started to fight with Baal; however, he had the strength of 8000 men so it was a losing battle! Baal knocked Joseph unconscious with just one punch, dragging him into The Pits.

Joseph awoke and Baal was satanically smiling at him. He cursed at Baal, being promptly promptly slapped into submission. Baal informed Joseph that he is the BOSS and to comply! Joseph maintained that he is not going to obey any command! Baal then summoned Jaq and Aku, who forcefully tied Joseph over a pit with hissing taipans for what seemed to be indeterminable hours!

While Joseph was in a prostrate position, Baal, Jaq, and Aku were laughing hysterically and demonically. The more he cursed and hurled epithets at them, the fiercer and more demonic were their laughter. After what seemed to be an eternity, Joseph was untied; however, he was not free. The three demonic entities dragged him further down The Pits where it is blood red with perpetual flames which spat venom that caused excruciating pain. He did not want to go into this part of The Pits but the demonic entities dragged him thee nonetheless.

Baal decided to play a little game with Joseph. He summoned Mephisto, a cherubic looking ectomorphic blond, to a dangerous duel. Mephisto, of course, obliged Baal. Baal explained to Joseph that despite Mephisto's innocent and angelic appearance, he is quite a formidable foe whose cunning is analogous to that of a jaguar. Mephisto was not an entity to play with!

Joseph believed that because of Mephisto's ectomorphic build, he could be easily defeated. How appearances can be so deceiving! Mephisto gave as good he got! Mephisto seemed to be completely inured of Joseph's harsh blows! While Joseph was incessantly punching and kicking Mephisto, he was smiling gleefully! Joseph wondered what was wrong? The battle continued for what seemed like decades.

Joseph and Mephisto were engaged in deadly combat. No one was going to relent and let the other be the winner! Mephisto was as harsh a fighter as Joseph was. More demonic entities gathered to watch the fight. Both Joseph and Mephisto were fighting to the death. However, Mephisto was becoming stronger while the converse was occurring to Joseph.

As the deadly fight ensued, even more demonic entities came to witness it. It seemed as if there were thousands of demonic entities witnessing this harrowing and intense fight. The punches and blows were getting more fierce as time progressed. Then Joseph bit Mephisto but no avail. Mephisto, unnerved, continued punching and kicking Joseph. Baal decided to up the ante regarding the fight. He introduced shock treatment utensils to both parties.

Using shock treatments was Mephisto's forte but Joseph's failing. Mephisto sensed and smelled Joseph's abject fear, using it to his utmost advantage. Mephisto began to use the shock treatments on Joseph. At first, Joseph was completely inured to this treatment. However, as time progressed, he become progressively weaker and weaker. Joseph, being the athlete he was, refused to acknowledge defeat but kept continuously fighting! Joseph even began to choke Mephisto; however, Mephisto was totally unmoved by this. Then Mephisto gave Joseph a hardening blow which completely knocked him out..............


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    • d.william profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Good story. I have to stop for now, or i will have nightmares tonight. Will continue with this saga tomorrow.


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