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The Labyrinth, Part VIII

Updated on December 25, 2012

Someone Is About To Experience QUITE A Wake-Up Call!

The sounds were becoming louder and louder. Joseph attempted to escape Itannicnic, going to even the furthest upper reaches of hell, bordering purgatory. He began running in an extremely furious pace, with the visions of Itannicnic quickly dissolving around him. When he reached the uppermost region of hell, he felt relieved.

He was finally in Borderland, quite a bucolic region. Well, bucolic and decent looking in comparision to the rest of hell. There souls have finished rectifying their bad karma and are on the way to the light to be judged and if their karmic slate is clean, are allowed to enter heaven. He was quite happy to be in Borderland. However, one soul, who committed suicide, while on the earth plane, strongly dissuaded him from staying here. This soul asserted to Joseph that his energy is way too dark and negative to be in Borderland. The soul explained that Borderland was for those souls who committed only the most minor of offenses.

The soul further stated that people who knowingly committed horrific and callous acts which intentionally hurt others DO NOT belong here. Joseph asserted to the soul that he did nothing wrong while he was on the earth plane. The soul strongly contested his statement, bading him to leave the area immediately. A second soul, also a suicide, also bade him to leave for his energy is creating a disturbance to the somewhat peaceful environment!

Joseph refused to listen to these souls, electing to remain in Borderland. Borderland was not such a bad place. Actually, it is a containment area for lost souls and for souls who have finished working out their bad karma before moving on the light. It is equivalent to a very smalltown suburb. At least, it has some amenities as opposed to the lower parts of hell where there are no amenities to speak of in addition to being utterly frightful and desolate. He maintained that he is going to be a resident of Borderland. He picked up a book to read and then fell into a quite a deep and restful slumber.

The sounds were getting nearer and nearer........ One of the souls heard the frightful sounds, ran and immediately woke Joseph. This soul asked him to leave-and leave now! Joseph told the soul to bug off and to let him sleep. The soul forcefully woke him up again, compelling him to leave. He obscenely told the soul to leave him alone. The language he used greatly distressed the soul. Now the frightful sounds were at Borderland...........

When Joseph saw Baal, Jaq, and Aku with their hybrid cobra dogs, his face turned an extremely ashen white. There was total abject fear on his face. Baal stepped forward and smiled satanically, letting one of the hybrid cobra dogs lurched forward. Joseph tried to avoid the hybrid creature but it lurched forward, biting him with an extremely toxic venom which simultaneously paralyzed him and made him unconscious.

Baal, Jaq, and Aku bade goodbye to the horrified and frightened inhabiitants of Borderland. All three of them carried Joseph into Amylok. When they finally reached Amylok, they applied electrical shocks to Joseph to rouse him out of his unconscious state. Joseph awakened to discover where he was. He started to fight the demons but Baal warned him not to instigate anything as he was in enough trouble already.

Joseph refused to acknowledge Baal's mandate, proceeding to instigate a physical altercation with him. However, as he was about to hit Baal, Aku interceded, forcibly restraining him. Aku in a harsh guttural tone informed Joseph that he was in a mortal perilous situation. Joseph just looked at Aku, spitting on him and kicking him. Aku just looked at Joseph as if he had gone completely berserk.

Aku summoned Mephisto who was not particularly in a great mood. In fact, his mood was outright venomous. Mephisto came forward, applying the most intense electromagnetic shocks to Joseph's chest area, rendering him totally somnolent. While Joseph was asleep, Aku, Baal, and Jaq started to devise a punishment for the escape. This would not be pretty at all- not at all!

They took Joseph to an area even more worse and horrific than either The Pits and/or Amylok, this area was called Agrotak. This place was a concentration point for the most incorrigilble, horrific, and totally unrepentant souls. This place was just air, no land, no solid substance whatsoever. Joseph was placed here for what seemed like eternity.......................

Joseph was not alone. The 17th century Wallachian baroness was presently confined here for her impertinent and resolute unrepentance. She had found a kindred soul in Joseph; however, he was totally repulsed by the baroness. She kept rambing continuously about her life in 17th century Wallachia much to Joseph's ire. He screamed that he was sick of her morbid life. The baroness hissed back with glee that he was the last person to lecture her about ethics and morality, given his biography. He began to punch the baroness; however,Jaq came to the baroness' rescue. Baal took him aside, restraining him in mid-air.

The baroness went back to lower Agrotak. Then some horrific and complete dissolute souls crowded around Joseph, continuously harassing him. Since he was tied up, he was passive regarding their physical and verbal threats. He was totally immoblized. One of the souls kicked him in a very vulnerable area. After the intense physical and verbal abuse, the souls left Agrotak to proceed towards The Pits.

Joseph wondered what is THIS! Hell is so full of surprise-one horrific occurrence following another, being more infernal in intensity! When will this cease? When? As he was thinking to himself, another soul, more degenerate than the other previous souls, started to play intense mental tricks of a quite unimaginable and indescribable nature on him. He could not handle this constant harangue and started to become mentally unhinged. However, he controlled himself, repeating that he is strong and invincible! The soul just laughed sardonically, continuing with the intense haranguing. He started to plead with this soul to stop-just stop!

The soul called the other previous souls plus the baroness. They all surrounded Joseph, singing in a hellish cacophony which almost drove him insane. As he pleaded with them to stop this bullying, they only laughed more fiendishly and maliciously. He was calling for help and release but no one heard him. He was completely on his own. Suddenly, the infernal crowd started to attack him, beating him more harshly than ever before. He started to go into unconscious. However, each time he started to become unconscious, someone applied infinitessimal shock treatments to him, waking him up! This torture continued for quite a long time! It seemed that each time he beg the souls for mercy, they only tortured him more!

For what seemed like endless torture, Joseph was unnerved. He kept crying for help. Help from where? Doesn't he realize that he is in hell. No, to be more succinct- the lowest rung of hell. The lowest rung hell is synonymous with the most horrific and abominable tortures known in the spiritual world! This would seem to be ongoing and continuous............

Mephisto suddenly appeared, wanting to join in the infernal jubilee. The souls invited him to join in this diabolically magnificent celebration! Joseph could not believe what he was witnessing. Mephisto summoned a hybrid taipan/dragon who spit a blue cold venom. The look on Mephisto's chilling and intense blue eyes spoke volumes when he saw the abject fear on Joseph's face. Joseph was deathly afraid of this hybrid creature; however, he could not do anything as he was immobilized!

Mephisto called to the souls to let the games begin! Mephisto and the other dissolute souls started to torture Joseph in the most obscene and indescribable methods possible. Joseph started to scream and cry simultaneously. However, the torture increased a hundredfold. The pain was so intense that Joseph went into a comatose shock! As he went into this shock, Lucifer called upon the parties to stop this incessant torture! When the parties refused to relent in their diabolic game, Lucifer forciibly ejected him to the outer reaches of Agrotak, where there is nothing at all- one by one the souls and Mephisto COMPLETELY disappeared- with NO record of their existence! The outer reaches of Agrotak was a complete void of nothingness!

Lucifer released Joseph from his bondage. Joseph asked Lucifer what happened to the souls. Lucifer just smiled, flashing sharp white teeth and saying nothing. However, Lucifer warned Joseph to reform and to change his ways. Lucifer further admonished Joseph that souls who are relentingly cruel, wicked, and unrepentant go into Galrohcep, vanishing into nothingness! Joseph looked bewildered at Lucifer, not uttering a word.

Lucifer told Joseph that he had to remain in Argotak as punishment for escaping Amylok. However, he would not be guarded by demons that night. Lucifer telepathically warned the other remaining souls who were confined to Argotak not to bother Joseph or there would be extremely dire consequences to bear! The other remaining souls complied, not daring to say anything for they knew what Galrohcep meant! They wanted to exist as long as possible!


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To carol3san: Thank you so much for your response!

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 6 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Great story gwilliams. It is a little scary but nice.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To Alexander Pease: Thank you for your response. It is very encouraging and greatly appreciated!

    • Alexander Pease profile image

      Alexander Pease 6 years ago from Maine

      This is a very, on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of story. I liked the description of Lucifer's smile, sharp. Keep up the good writing!