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The Last Visit

Updated on March 28, 2017

It Has Been A Long Time

"It has been a long time since I last visited it".I thought.Thinking of that place gave me a mysterious feeling I did not fathom.I have no memories in that place, yet I felt that there was something inside me about it.

On 14 October, 2014.

On the 14th of October, 2014, I decided to visit it at last.I went out of home around 12 o'clock and arrived there at 2 o'clock.Entering the park, I found it overcrowded.The park was strange to me as thoough I had not visited it for centuries.It completely changed.It looked so amazing that I felt as though I were in paradise, and I whispered to myself:"wow! I am in paradise".I walked in and went to my special place where I used to sit long ago.A place that is special not olny to me, but also to tourists.It is placed before a lake.The shadows of canes fall over it, making it a comfortable place to sit on sheltered from the sun.There are four benches in that part of the park.I sat down in one of them without paying attention to people who were sitting on the other three benches.All I payed attention to was the lake and the small boat in it, as well as the birds that were flying right over the surface of the lake.I was looking at the water in a way that I did not, myself, understand.I wanted to cry, but the place was filled with people.I missed that park so much.I took out a book of my backpack, and began to read.

15 Minutes Later

While reading, I heard a very soft laughter and raised my head to see whose it was.I could not believe what I saw: a very beautiful young, forgein girl was sitting before me in the opposite bench, reading a book.she raised her head and looked at me straight in the eyes.Looking at her eyes, I felt that my heart beated five times more than it usually and normally does.She invaded my heart from the first sight.I lost myself in looking at her mysterious eyes.On my lips was a very hearty simle.She was shy and could not keep looking at me.She looked down at the book and continued to read.Now, she was reading the book, but my book was isolated, for I began to read something else--I began reading her beautiful face.Her complexion looked like an isolated desert in which I got lost, her lips were as red as strawberries, her curved nose reminded me of the description of Zuleikha's nose(a woman that was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the ancient Egypt in the era of the prophet Joseph with whom she deeply fell in love), her eyes were as blue as the water of the fountains of the park, and because it was windy that day, her blonde hair was waving like the leaves of a tree and somtimes covered her face.It did not let her read comfortabely by falling over her face, so she took a scarf out of her bag and put it around her head.Now she looked like muslim girls with the scraf.I imagined her being a muslim girl."I am here to see the park, not the girls in it".I thought.I looked again at the lake, and began daydreaming.The small green boat in the lake attracted me.I stood up and walked towards the lake deciding to go back to my seat after having looked at the boat that looked amazing from a distance.Walking by the side of the lake, I saw many water-chickens swiming on the surface of the lake.They were amazing.I walked along the lake looking at the water and the water-chickens swiming in it till I found myself before a huge wall. I turned around and started walking back, but instead of looking at the lake, I was looking at the sky this time.It seemed to me to be closer to the ground.It was unlike when I look at the sky from the place where I live, I got amazed only to remember that once I read about the park that it was built in a place that is higher than all the other places around it in the city of Fes so that it would be remarkable.

Suddenly I thought Of her.

Suddenly, the girl struck my mind.I began to run as fast as I could towards the bench.Some People were looking at me in astonishment.Now I was in front of the bench.I stood still.She was not there.I could not move at that time, but a few seconds after that, I hurried to the gate of the park looking for her, but she was not there.I went out of the park looking about.I crossed the road and looked inside Boujloud Square, but she was not there.I went back to the gate and looked at the opposite road, but she was not there neither.I entered the park again looking for her everywhere in the park, but I could not find her.She was gone.I stopped before a fountain."She is gone"I told myself.I went home directly after that.On the way, it began to rain.People were running here and there, but I was walking so slowly as though I did not feel it was raining.When I arrived home, I felt neither hungry nor thirsty. All I was thinking of was her.It had been a long time since I last visited that park that is why I visited it just to regret that visit so much, and I promised myself not to visit it again eternally.

It Is A Promise That Will Never Be Broken

Now whenever somone asks me to come along with them to visit Jnan Sbil, I refuse strongly.They do not know what the reason is I do not want to go there, but I do know it, and you as well know it now.That was my last visit to my most favourite place--Jnan Sbil.It is a promise that will never be broken as long as I am alive.


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