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The Legend of the Queen of Hearts

Updated on May 5, 2016

Why shouldn't a person change their own name? I grew up with a name that was unusual in my area, but when I moved south, it was as common as Mary. So I changed it and created a legend to go with it.

If you could only love enough you could be the most powerful person in the world. ~ Emmett Fox


My name, Tiana Dreymor, is a chosen name. I started using it on my birthday, October 27, 1991, and changed it legally on January 8, 1993. (Elvis' birthday.) People insist on adding an extra 'e' , much to my disappointment, because, numeralogically, it adds to 10. With the extra 'e' it adds to 15, which ain't bad , but if it's all the same to you, I'd rather be a 10!

10 is the 'Wheel of Fortune', the number of rise and fall according to desire. 10 is the symbol of L'I'fe and L'O've which create all that can be imagined. It also contains the code, 'Image - Ordain'. Image it, and it shall be. Ordain (or order) it, and it will materialize.

Dreymor is nothing more than a play on the word 'Dreamer'. I also made up the name, Tiana, after I had named my daughter, Tanya. I called her Tiana occasionally, though no one else ever picked up on it. As I've discovered since, both Tanya and Tiana are derivatives of the Russian name , Tatiana, with the meaning attatched as 'Queen', possibly coming from its link with Titania, who in early folklore, was the Queen of Fairyland . Amazing, isn't it? Especially since I found this out after I was already calling myself the Queen of Hearts!

So, where does the Queen of Hearts come from? I don't really know. I was born in Superior, WI and raised in Northern Minnesota. Ha! Well, it sort of evolved.

The only new furniture my parents ever had was a bedroom set. One day, when I was about 5 , they dragged me and my year-and-a-half- older brother into the bedroom and demanded, 'Who did this?!' There was a heart carved into the brand- new dresser. I never saw it before. We both got a licking. I have always maintained I hadn't done it, until a few years ago, I was recalling the incident for something I was writing and I began wondering if, perhaps, I had done it. For some reason , I've always had an affinity for hearts. I think now , that I loved that beautiful bedroom set so much I had to show my love by placing a heart on it.

In my High School Annual, someone had placed next to my picture, 'I have a heart with room for every boy.' I thought it was funny. I have now amended that to read, 'Everybody.'

For years I had used hearts as a business logo, until everybody started asking me , 'Are you the lady with the hearts?' I'd say, 'Yeah, I'm the Queen of Hearts.' Then I opened a bar . What did I call it? Well, the Queen's got to have a 'Palace'... and , living the honkytonk life got me back interested in music, where my heart really was all the time. In 3 years --- and I say everybody should own a bar for 3 years, you would have the equivalency of a Master's Degree in Psychology by then --- I knew I had to follow my heart to Nashville.

The classic song, '16th Avenue' by Lacy J. Dalton, has the line ' to town with all they own in a $100 car...' and that's just what I did, except that I was towing my camper, a 19' travel trailer, to live in after I got there. Now you know how the modern day legend of the Queen of Hearts began.



I spent 7 years in Nashville, then moved to Ohio, following another dream. I have now been here 15 years, and haven't found the pleasures I did in Nashville.

I'm sure that's partly my own fault, I think because I got involved with trying to better myself instead of have a good time... I have managed to buy a duplex and have been very involved in remodeling and decorating it... over and over and over...

I also have a menagerie of animals which keeps me grounded... literally! Last year, I joked that Kris Kristofferson had to come and see me, because I had too many animals to travel to see him, as I couldn't be gone more than 8 or so hours. So, guess what? He was here at the State Fair, right here in Columbus, with Merle Haggard! Bingo!

Reflections of the Queen Today

Queen of Hearts Silk Scarf by Diane Von Furstenberg.
Queen of Hearts Silk Scarf by Diane Von Furstenberg.

New Queen of Hearts Scarf

My sweet cats destroyed the scarf... first pulling off the bottom row of cards, then OFF with her HEAD! So.... eBay, here I come. Got another one (paid double for it) and put it in a frame over a Venician Blind so they can't do that again...

The Queen Today

As Naomi Judd says, 'Aging Gratefully.'
As Naomi Judd says, 'Aging Gratefully.'

New Photo

Still grateful...
Still grateful...

Forever & Ever,


Queen of Hearts


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    • Vista15 profile image

      Tiana Dreymor 4 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Wow, thank you!

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Beautiful hub Vista15. Voted up.