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The Life and Times of a Sociopathic Workaholic

Updated on May 22, 2012
Wall Street Poster
Wall Street Poster
Wall St Sign
Wall St Sign | Source
Does money buy you true happiness?
Does money buy you true happiness? | Source

Welcome to the world of commerce and extreme greed wrapped in a $100 bill smile
A Wall Street shark in a dark blue Armani suit on the hunt for a killer deal
One that would make Gordon Gecko proud and all Yuppies lining up for tips
Like children stalking the Good Humor Man for the latest ice cream treat
Let the good times roll in spades as the Mercedes and Champagne multiply
Unaware of what was beneath the surface of high yields on the Stock Exchange
Ignoring the red velvet curtain on society's stage falling down slowly
Inch by inch revealing the human mirage dressed in expensive wolf furs
Don't alert PETA because they always come prepared with cans of red paint
What the masses don't know is this seemingly innocent predator is much more
Than a ravenous hunter looking for a slew willing participants
Looking to drain their wallets and safety deposit boxes of all valuables
Say goodbye to your Mercedes S Class and accept the 10 year old Honda
Waiting in the wings to take once the rose colored glasses have broken
Start drinking Sparkling Cider instead when reality comes knocking
In the form of the IRS and the Feds with an army to take away your valuables
Beware of the smooth talker wearing $800 shoes and the slicked back hair
A product of the bygone 80s and an even smoother criminal
Robbing the rich and the poor alike with equal measure
Caring nothing about the casualties on both sides of the financial district
Time to punch out his time card once and for all
Putting away the Armani for an orange jumpsuit is the only cure
For the common working monster with an 80 hour work week
And an appetite for destruction
It's time to say "You're fired" and mean it
Focus on the reality of the economy and not the fantasies of the rich and empty
You'll be better prepared to see the charlatans walking down the street.


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