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The Life of Gerard Wanton - Part 1

Updated on June 22, 2011

Gerard Wanton wanted one but he did not know which one he wanted.

Welcome to the life of Gerard Wanton.

The red lights flickered through the window from the hotel across the road, distracting him from the vehicle below. The lights in his room were all off. He wanted it like that, dark and lifeless. The hotel sign was a deep red that reminded him of places he had visited before. It was common knowledge why the proverbial ‘they’ called it the red light district. He was familiar with this.

He glanced back over to the car, they were still there. The rain was pelting down on the car forming a sheet of water that blocked out the view of their faces. Did they really think he was so stupid? He had been on the run for 4 days now, and all this time he knew they were on his tail. It was obvious. They were the ones to hire him in the first place, and now they wanted to clean up behind them. He was stupid to have trusted them, but he had no choice. He was too deeply involved and they had him by the balls.

Gerard looked at the red lights again, closing the curtains. He could hear the sound of the rain dulling in the background when the phone rang. His eyes were shocked open. He stared at the phone, sweating, shaking, breathing hard. He knew it was them. They had found him again.

Squeezing the ball of his knew horn, Gerard was smiling from ear to ear. It was the morning of his 9th Birthday and he had just been given a bike from his folks. He was on his way to school, and although it was far from Gerard to gloat about anything, he was proud as punch to be riding into the school ground this particular morning with his brand new Silverback BMX. Nothing could compare to how Gerard felt. He finally had his own bicycle, which somehow represented not only a bicycle for fun and adventure with your friends, but also freedom. He had now been elevated in life to bicycle owner. Now although most people may be thinking all about themselves at this stage in their youth, Gerard took a moment to think about his parents. They were stood at the edge of the patio steps, jumping with excitement, waving their hands about. This was his bike yet they were as happy, if not more, as he was. It was obvious to him that there was more to just buying a bicycle for your kid, it was somewhat of a ritual. It’s a time were parents force themselves over to the next level of trust in their child. Buying a bicycle can become a huge decision in a family, especially if it’s for the child to use for school.

Gerard’s Bicycle was for him to use for school. This was a whole new world he was confronted with. For Gerard, this was a huge change in his life. It was just about to start.

Aaaargh. He smacked the side of his 9mm against his forehead. Why why why? The phone was still ringing. He looked out of the window and saw them running across the street. All he could see was the top of two umbrellas but he knew it was them. It was 2am. It was dark. The guard at the front desk was probably sleeping and wouldn’t even realize they had walked past. Gerard was getting anxious, and an anxious man can be irrational. He had to keep his head about him and think!! First things first, he walked over and pulled the chord out of the back of the telephone. They would be coming through the front door. He looked at the cupboard in the hallway. It would have to do. He ran over and opened the cupboard door, pulling everything inside it out into the hallway. He was rushing, there wasn’t much time. He climbed into the cupboard and closed the door. It was dark. For some time all he could hear was his own breathing until, suddenly, he heard the front door. He stopped for a second and held his breath. He could hear them.

In the flat.

Their footsteps.

He needed to breathe.

They were close by.

He had to do it and he had to do it now. Reaching into his pocket, he took it out. It was his only option.

Riding his bicycle, Gerard entered through the schools main gate. He would usually use the back gate, but today he wanted to show his bicycle off and the main gate was the place to do just that. He stood up on his pedals as he came through into the courtyard. There was a specific place the students would have to lock their bicycle, and you had to cycle right through the front of the school to get there. The back gate didn’t afford such an opportunity. Gerard glided down through the courtyard, weaving in between the other students with a certain amount if attitude, on his way to, for the very first time, lock his bike in the bike rack alongside all the other fortunate kids to own a BMX. He was walking over to the school building when he noticed a strange bright light in the sky. Looking around to see if anyone else was looking, he cupped his hand over his eyes to get a better look. The light got brighter, and seemed to get closer. Gerard looked back around at the other students. No one seemed to see what he was seeing. He looked up again when suddenly the light got brighter, followed by a blinding flash. It was quiet. All he could see was white, all around him. He was suddenly alone.

Part 2 to follow......

Note from the Author:

Dear reader,

This is an introduction to the life of Gerard Wanton. LIfe for him has not been the same as it has for most people. Everything changed for him from a very young age, and now he would like to make things right.

Please follow me as we venture through time with Gerard as he desperately tries to change his past.

Thanks for reading.


The Ski


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