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The Life of Jawaharlal Nehru - An Autobiographical overview

Updated on June 29, 2016

"India will awake to freedom when the world sleeps"

The Early life

I was born in the year 1889 at Allahabad. My father, Motilal Nehru was an eminent freedom fighter. I graduated from The Cambridge University and I was a barrister by profession. I was married to Kamala at an age of 17. We were blessed with a daughter in the year 1917 and I named her 'Indira'.

India's Freedom Struggle

My father's commitment and Gandhiji's speeches inspired me to take part in India's freedom movement. I knew that I could impart my knowledge in law and politics and contribute towards the freedom movement in India. It was during the year 1920 that I became an active part in India's freedom struggle. I took part in the civil disobedience movement where we boycotted the foreign products. This was under the leadership of my father Motilal Nehru. There were two types of freedom fighters in India during that period, namely 'Extremists' and 'Moderates'.

My father was a 'Moderate' by nature. However, the situations were not very smooth after the non-co-operation movement and the chauri Chaura incident. The angry mob burnt a police station and killed few policemen in Chauri Chaura. I was arrested for anti-governmental activities and was sentenced to jail for few months. The Chauri Chaura incident forced us to withdraw the non-co-operation movement. Unfortunately this led to the formation of a new party by my father. However, I decided to stay loyal with Indian National Congress and Gandhiji.

Gradually, I became an active congress worker. Initially I was entrusted with the task of spreading Nationalism among the common men and awakening them towards the dream of a free India. I did my job well and the result was that, every Indian dreamt of a free India who had an identity of her own.

Then came the 'Quit India' movement where I actively took part and also took over the presidentship of the congress party. After the Quit India movement, I was arrested again and was sentenced to jail. Most of my fellow congressmen were also arrested. This in turn helped the 'league' to grow stronger and they were successful in spreading the need for a separate Muslim Nation. This concept was not so strong prior to my arrest. Jinnah took advantage of the situation and gradually grew in terms of political power. He coined the dream of a separate muslin Nation. While I was in jail I wrote my book 'Discovery of India'.

Tryst with Destiny

In 1947, I became the first Prime Minister of free India. During that time, I gave a speech which said like this "India will awake to freedom when the world sleeps". I was sure that these words will echo in the minds of every Indian for a long time. Till 1964 I was the undisputed Prime minister of India. I successfully implemented the first five year plan and also played a key role in kick starting the NAM - Non aligned movement.

India stamp depicting Nehrus pic
India stamp depicting Nehrus pic
A model of the famous 'Nehru Cap'
A model of the famous 'Nehru Cap'

A speech by Jawaharlal Nehru

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    • profile image

      Hira 4 years ago

      Sardar Patel should have been the first PM o India. He was a man from the grassroots and the people psyche well. Nehru born in a rich family was in no way public person. The work of reunification of 565 princely states into Indiawas the great job which Sardar Patel did, Nehru cannot dream of. The two areas J&K and North-East taken out of Sardar Patel. Ministry of States by Nehru are still troublesome areas with Palkistan and China and and will remain so for numbers of years tocome.

      The CWC consisting of states presidents of Congress voted almost unanimously infavour of Sardar Patel to be first PM before independence, but. Nehru threatened Gandhi to break the party and will not allow Patel to be first PM. Gandhi seeing the Britishers may not change their decision and plan for India Indpendence may not jeopardize, ask Patel to withdraw his name. This was the power hungry nature of Nehru. He was too arrogant also and adamant. Only wanted his own writ to run in the country and the world.

      He had great ill-wills against the sikhs.Gandhi and Nehru promised the sikhs that sikhs would enjoy special status in India and the constitution will be implemeted only which is acceptable to sikhs. This was promised because sikhs contributions to freedom struggle was about 85%. Everything changed once fredom given. If sikhs wanted they could have taken separate sovereign country of their own between india and Pakistan, but trusted Nehru's word, but did not take in writing, which could be a proof.

      Nehru became the strong enemy of Sikhs and did not grant Punjabi suba during hislife time. Shastriji was very capable PM and the forces against him did want him to survive for long. And even postmortem was not done on his dead body to find the cause of hismysterious death.

      Nehru had a great sex life and lot of beautiful women came in his life. Its said Nehru died of some STD disease, which is contracted through lot ofsex. His love affairs with Edwina Mountbatten are an open secret. Lot of political decisions before independence were got through Edwina which Nehru did not agree. The love affairs was so deep that Nehru sent an Indian naval ship on her death in 1960 to England.

      When Indira took reign of India, she started misusing institutions for her personal gains and Congress party became Congress(Indira),. The Congress party which was not a democratic party was now her family party with a bunch of sycophants.

      The sikhs were ignored all themore during her rule. Rather sikhs were made political scapegoats for her hunger for power. She misused government media to defame sikhs for herpolitical gain. The climax came when she attacked Sikhs sancto sanctrum, Golden Temple to destroy sikhs and their culture. Bhindrawale was her picked mole to destroy sikhs Akali Party in Punjab. But bhindrawale challenged her and her might. A small operation of 15-20days could have been enough to arrest him,but Indira's intentions were different and which cameto light on her death. She ws not satisfied with operation bluestar only, she had another Operation Shanti in her mind starting 8 November 1984. Dhawan leaked this to one of the killers, Beant Singh. So that's why they decided to do away with her.

      The most honest and hard working sikh community was made chessboard icon for her power hungry family to continue her dynastic rule in India.

      This dynastic rule rule is still continuing by proxy.

      Its high time to throwp away this bad and scamfilled corrupt sycophants bunch of hungry power politicians once and for all time tocome.

    • Mellyunplugged profile image

      Melvin Augustine 5 years ago from India

      Thanks a lot Aficionada for the valuable feedback :)

    • Aficionada profile image

      Aficionada 5 years ago from Indiana, USA

      I remember hearing so much about Nehru when I was a child. But I never knew, until I read the summary for this article, that one of my children was born on his birthday. That caught my eye, and so I had to read more and learn more of his story. Thank you for providing this helpful overview of his life!