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The Line of Yeast Resistance

Updated on July 22, 2013

This Always Happens!


A Fateful Faceful

A new crop of pimples was always taking the joy out of things!

Doesn't matter whether you're a cartoon or a photograph guy, does it? Pimples are everywhere . And they do always take the joy out of things. Yes, Ted (for that is his name) - we know. Even your mirror image knows, because it's the one doing the talking. Is it looking into a mirror too? Did it meet the mirror image of the Swellest Girl? 

Let's ask it for some advice. No, wait. Here comes a Friend in a Hat, saying "What's wrong Ted? You look all worked up!"

Hatman tells Ted to lie low for two weeks and eat lots and lots of - Fleischmann's Yeast! Yes, yeast. Three cakes a day, in fact. Yes, Ted, hide out in the house and eat yeast right out of the package. Yummo!

And then - Ted turns into a loaf of bread.

I'm kidding, of course. You know what happens, don't you?  This is an advertisement, after all. Let's do the math:  Yeast + Ted  = Skin - Pimples. Elementary, my dear Fleischmann.

Plus, of course, girls! Swell girls! And when one of them asks where Ted's been for the last two weeks (she's been keeping track!) he replies "Oh just out making sure there were no girls as pretty as you - and there aren't!" Smooth, isn't he. Side effect of the yeast? Maybe.

Now if Ted can just get his friend to ditch the bowler hat he stole from his father's Sad Hat collection in the attic...

[From Boys' Life , November 1935.]

So Is Yeast Really Good for Acne?

I've been writing about retro ads for a few years now and I've come across a few 1930s ads extolling yeast as a miracle cure for zits, pimples, acne - whatever you want to call the horrid things - and plenty of other ailments, too. So I did a little research - finally, inspired by writing this hub, you see! - and according to some sources, yes indeed, taking brewer's yeast does seem to help eradicate those zits by zapping bacteria and helping out the white blood cells. You're supposed to take one tablet of brewer's yeast after each meal. I guess that's what Ted was doing, though the term "cake" of yeast always makes me think of him sitting in a corner stuffing down a big wedge of something stodgy. Anyway, I'm putting a couple of links below so you can check this out. Just don't hide in the house for 2 weeks, OK?


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