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The Loch Leven Wraith

Updated on January 6, 2013
Loch Leven Wraith
Loch Leven Wraith | Source

Ken MacDougal stood on the shore of Loch Leven staring into the water for nearly an hour. The evening summer wind tousled his dark hair. He hadn’t been to the loch in five years. He was 25 the last time he came to the loch. The memories of what happened that night still very vivid in his mind.

He questioned himself if it was the drink that had him imagining the things he saw and felt that night. But deep down, he didn’t believe it was the drink. He knew what he saw, what he felt. It was real. It was glorious and scary too. He waited the five years to come back. And now here he stood in front of her, nervous as a school boy.

After another ten minutes, he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed in on top of his shoes sitting on the shore. He slowly moved to the water’s edge. Then, very cautiously, he stepped into the water. He walked in a little until the water was up to his knees and waited a few moments. Then, he walked in a bit further, the water lapping at his waist.

Then he felt her, the Loch Leven Wraith. He closed his eyes and placed his hands on top of the water as the ripples surrounded him. He could feel her encircling his body, caressing his form with her currents. She tugged gently on him, urging him in deeper. He walked in some more and very slowly dipped his shoulders under the water so that the only part of himself exposed in the night air was his head.

She embraced him with her movement. He could feel her all over him at once. He closed his eyes and succumbed to her will, finally dipping his head under the water. She now completely encased his entire body. He couldn’t see in the dark water, but he felt so at ease and comfortable. His need to breathe was gone as she sheathed him with her essence.

He could feel her everywhere and his body responded quickly to the currents. She deepened her caresses and he allowed her to pull him in. They mingled in the dark waters for an unknown amount of time, flowing and surging together. Then he heard her thoughts.

“Ken MacDougal, I have awaited your return. How have the years been to you?”

And as a thought, I responded. “The arrival of this day has been a constant reverie.”

“I’ve been trapped in this loch for a long time. Now that you are of age, your kiss, if you choose to offer me one, will supply me with the soul I very much desire. What say you Ken MacDougal?” She communicated.

“I have waited five years for this night, to come to you and offer myself. I propose to you not only my kiss, but my heart and love as well. I want to release you from this loch and hold you till my dying day.” He replied.

“I accept your proposal MacDougal and offer you my heart and love as well. Till my dying day.” She thought.

Then they were moving toward the surface. When Ken emerged the warm air filled his lungs immediately. He moved back toward the shore searching, waiting. He couldn’t feel her around him any longer. He continued to wait.

Finally he heard her thoughts again. “MacDougal, find my face in the reflection of the moon. Find me and kiss me!”

He turned to his left, found the Moon’s reflection, dancing on the water. He looked down and saw her, for the first time, her beauty surpassing any other. He bent over, held his breath and kissed the surface of the water.

The energy was engulfing him. He stumbled back when the currents around him swelled. Quickly he made his way to the shore where he stood knee deep in the water. The moon shone brightly and a mist formed over the loch.

Then she emerged from the dark waters. Her beauty was vast and all consuming. He felt her energy as she made her way to him. She placed her hands around his neck and kissed him then, with a passion he had never known.

MacDougal freed the Loch Leven Wraith that night. She belonged to him and him to her. Her soul felt more gratitude with every day she woke. They lived out the rest of their lives near the loch. They loved, respected and treasured each other till the end.


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    • Cera Horne profile image

      Cera Horne 5 years ago

      Oh, Ashley I love you!!! xoxoxo Thank you so much girl.

    • profile image

      ACB 5 years ago

      This is by far, my favorite short story you have wrote! You need to make an actual book based on this. Loved it! :)

    • Cera Horne profile image

      Cera Horne 5 years ago

      Thank You!!! ;)

    • tim30044 profile image

      Timothy 5 years ago from Lawrenceville, Georgia

      Very nice! Good Job!