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My Anthology of Poems

Updated on February 22, 2022
Vidya Mallar profile image

I have been Working as a teacher for the past 10 years.. Poetry is my passion and I am also in close relation with nature and emotions ...

The Lonely Memories

The Lonely Memories

The time came, when it was dark in the surroundings,

The silence of nature disturbed, only when the Church bell rings,

The lullaby of the wind, where a lonely cradle swings,

The sweet moan of a baby angel, flapping its tiny restless wings.

The vast, starry sky, with the elegant moon shone in cloudy shadows,

The cold, chilly weather, where dew drops, like pearls, rested on grassy pillows,

Inside the woody forest some refugee light faintly glows,

Despite some strange voices of nature silence follows.

By the river side, the small cottage stood like an abandoned princess,

Nurturing memories of the past, where life once flourished with joy, boundless,

All those foot prints which once returned to rest in peace and warmth,

Have now settled far across, never to fondle this tiny piece of earth.

The garden that once bloomed with colorful flowers and bushy plants,

With dried roots and broken swing, barren, still proudly stands,

The wooden fence that once adorned the boundary lines to the lively yard,

Lay ruined on the ground with no single piece on guard.

No man should then forget the foot steps to his young past,

Wherever he be, the childhood memories, sweet, may ever last,

Once returning to the birth place will enlighten the soul and heart,

For the earth born in never let us stay, forever, apart.

The land of our predecessors, where we have the roots of our precious lives,

Waits for our return at least once, where intimacy, boundlessly strives,

Whatever man earned in the steady advance of life in all years,

Are nothing compared to the heart touching re union in tears.

And here the lonely cottage stands waiting to fill the familiar smell into the fading interiors,

So in heavy rain and storm, it remains bold with no cause of fears,

The old rusty bell may ring once again and the creaky doors melodiously open

Fresh air may gush inside and memories of sweet past enliven.

Vidya Anil Mallar


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