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The Longest Goodbye My Childhood Love

Updated on June 10, 2017

I have been in love with you since as a Child

The Years had come and gone and still, my love for you lingered

Years went by and still, that love was always there in back

My mind forced me to live a normal life

I moved with purpose through

But still my thoughts of you

Years went by and still love lingered

I thought of you often and wondered

Every face I saw with similarities gave me pause to think

Who had you grown up to be

I once traveled the road of past memories prior to Wife

Prior to Wife and Mother and thought of you

I loved without reason not knowing why

Then again I saw you and the feelings came stronger


The unfairness of Life sighs of regret now fills my thoughts

Regrets for feelings not shared

Regrets for young love not realized

Regrets that love is such a fickle heart

That left me crying a broken mass of what was real

I love with unabashed abandon

Not knowing when or why love left me broken

I cried deep, painful sobs that rocked me to the core

I know not why or how that love faltered

Even now as I look back the love continues

Never have I loved as strongly nor will I again

I walk the streets we once walked together

And my mind wonders to thoughts of you

Painful memories of time lost spent in this very room I see now as a prison

I see now as a prison

I cannot breathe or look at the chair

The memories are endless

Even now my thoughts turn to you and what was and not to be.

A Catharsis, a letting go of all failed relationships.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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