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The Lost Puzzle Piece

Updated on December 24, 2013
The beautiful eye of Michelle
The beautiful eye of Michelle

I'm a standing pile of split atoms

Won't you pull them together

And make them whole again?

Foundations of disintegration

Then she fell into place,

Holding my mind still

Allowing me to feel

The Earth as it spins

Faster than anything experienced

Feeding me her melitonin ,

She frees me

In a state unrestricted abstraction

She breathes into me

And stirs up a tornado

The swirling winds

Carry me to higher places

I eat to the pit of her fruit

And she wraps her vines around me

My blood pumps through her roots

This nourishment astounds me

Cut us free from solid ground

Sharing our sight,

We look around

Scratching away

What we don't want to be

Feeling you

Breaking free

Holding me

Within this dream


Keep Me

In that empty crater,

That weighs you down

Pin your lips,

To my ears

Guide my sight,

With your sound

Hold me close,

While I'm away

Ill find your face in the moonlight


The dieing sun

I'll awake with you in your dreams,


© 2013 Skyler DeCristoforo


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