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Series List-Dan Brown Books

Updated on August 17, 2010

Series List-Dan Brown Books

Every time a new Dan Brown book comes out, I find myself rushing to pick it up. Some people are not very familiar with Dan Brown so I thought it would be nice to put a series list and summary togethor of Dan Brown's books featuring the main character Robert Langdon. Robert Langdon is back in all his code breaking glory to solve another series of crimes in the latest Dan Brown book "The Lost Symbol." If you have not read any of his previouse tales, I recommend you check out these books first: "Angels and Demons" and "The DaVinci Code." I will run a brief summary of each for you so if you have not experienced the thrill of reading the stories yet, I can hopefully give you enough of a tease that you will pick them up. All of these stories are fiction, but he does do a lot of research into some of the beliefs displayed in these books as well as the history behind some of the locations.

Angels and Demons

This story is set in Rome right after the pope has passed away. The papal conclave is about to begin when four of the top candidates go missing. Our hero, Robert Langdon, is brought in to help track down the kidnapper that left behind an ancient symbol of the Illuminati. They soon learn that this is not just a kidnapping when the first body of one of the cardinals is found having been tortured and murdered. To add to the excitement, the villain has placed a large piece of anti-matter somewhere in the Vatican City that will destroy everything once the power supply keeping it suspended dies. Are the Cardinals rescued? Does Robert find the real killer? Can the stop the explosion? Read it! I suppose you can also watch it now as well.

The DaVinci Code

Robert Langdon is called in once again to use his code deciphering skills to solve a mystery/crime. When a man is found dead with a symbol carved into his chest at the Louvre, who else would you call? This leads into a search for clues that could lead to the Holy Grail. He teams up with the victims granddaughter to find the clues before the killer, who is being instrcted by someone known as The Teacher, can find them. There are surprises around every corner. Once again, Brown is able to use historical art and architecture to weave us through this tale. Who can be trusted and who cannot? This has been on my recommended reading list since I finished it.

The Lost Symbol

This story begins with Professor Langdon receiving a call from one of his oldest friends asking him to speak at an event at the Capital building in Washington D.C.. Of course, Peter agrees and is in D.C. that evening. Once arriving at the Capital building, he quickly realizes something isn't right. It doesn't take long for this story to get moving. Before you know it, there is a severed hand directly underneath the Capital dome. Robert's friend has been taken prisoner by a mad man that believes a secret Masonic pyramid holds the secret to Ancient Mysteries of enlightenment.

As with his other books, there are many historical sites that hold keys to unsolving the code written on the pyramid. Dan Brown knows how to quickly take Robert from the Capital Building to the Library of Congress then on to the National Cathedral. There are a few other points of interest in the Washington area that are hit until finally reaching the House of the Temple for the final showdown.

Religion once again is a factor in this story. A lot of what the Freemasons are evidently protecting is the knowledge that man himself is a god as opposed to serving one. This is kind of evident at the beginning when discussing the painting The Apotheosis of Washington on the ceiling of the Capital building. The character helping Robert is a scientist studying Noetics (science of studying the potentials and powers of conciousness) which helps to build on the man as gods concept.

All in all, this is a very good story. I like reading about all the historical places that hide codes in plain sight. It moves at a pretty fast pace and doesn't have any "boring" parts. If you enjoyed any other of Dan Brown's novels, you will enjoy this one as well.

Series List-Summary

 I hope you enjoyed this series list of books with the charcer Robert Langdon. I really enjoyed the whole series and hope you have or will read the whole list. Please feel free to let me know which book was your favorite. I'm always interested to hear!

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