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The Lost Words

Updated on December 25, 2017
Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark lives for a living whilst combating a mental illness trying to come to terms with social anxiety letting his feelings describe his life

Where do words go when they're read,

lost in translation never repeated,

do they vanish inside your head,

embroiled in your senses digested deleted.

Words can jump right off a page,

remain in your eye forever to see,

fill you with love taint you with rage,

wrap you in chains or set you free.

Sentences unfold keep you transfixed,

chapters follow on from one to another,

messages behold emotions are mixed,

lost in the plot ink seems to smother.

Narratives scroll like an endless stream,

pictures tie letters with many places,

words in your minds-eye fashions a dream,

expressionless gestures from unknown faces.

Blank pages seem ever-so dull,

dots at the end couldn't be better,

rhymes of pleasure now become full,

correspondences start with a capital letter.

Some words hit me make me feel good,

twists and turns that’s took for granted,

the lines that I've read now understood,

acknowledged sentiment seeds have been planted.


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  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 6 years ago the title and of course those words which follow which I sincerely hope are never lost - because you are a fascinating writer full of soul and depth - and you must keep on writing and showing us the way ......

    lake erie time ontario canada 5:48am

  • Mark Psychedlic profile image

    Mark Hodges 6 years ago from Birmingham UK

    again thankyou sondra.......

  • Ardie profile image

    Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland

    It's amazing how even the same words can be interpreted by different people to mean so many different things. Yes, what happens to the words? I think it depends on the person writing them and the person reading or hearing them. Lovely poem Mark.