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The Love And The Life

Updated on June 23, 2016

The life on this earth was created for love because it was the love for that Adam(A.S) sacrificed, he sacrificed for the love of Eve(A.S) who didn't abide the God's command and committed the crime by eating the forbidden fruit and was threw away from the heaven on this earth, though Adam(A.S) knew that his wife committed a serious crime but he was filled with the love, the love for his wife and in her love he also committed the same crime and he was also thrown away from the heaven by the God on this earth along with his wife.

All this happened for the love but what the love really is?

What Is Love?

'Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure.It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.'

I can further explain love:

Love is a strong relation of two souls although their bodies may be different but their feelings are same for each other as there is a famous statement:

'One soul in two bodies'

So to sum up I can say that love is a free travel of one soul with absolute authority into another soul.

Yes off course there are some different types of love such as platonic love, conjugal love, and cynical love but in my opinion all of these kinds of love have to go through the other souls whom they use to love and without the relation of the souls no love can be called the actual love but may be the lust of the blood or a complete satire.

So love is always the relation of the souls and we can also say it the spiritual love and actually this kind of the love is really the real love.

Now we come back to the relation of the love and the life and all we know that if there is no love there is no life because since the creation of the first man on this earth, the man is loving and he is living on this earth.

If there is no loving there is off course no living.

The love is the food for life.

The food eaten by father of mankind Adam(A.S) and the food eaten by mother of mankind Eve(A.S).

And since then we are eating this food because if our parents eaten this tasty food, we really need to taste it and off course we taste it, we taste it daily.

We love our parents, we love our brothers and sisters, we love our friends, married men love their wives and they love them as Adam(A.S) loved Eve(A.S).

Everyone came on this earth, loved in a way or another.

As father of mankind loved the mother of mankind and he loved her on his own cost and destroyed himself along her because he could easily live in the heaven but he preferred his love, his love for his wife because there was not merely the conjugal relation between them but there was a great spiritual love between them, actually that was the real love because if it were only the conjugal love between them, the God could easily create another wife for Adam(A.S), but Adam only needed Eve(A.S) for him whom he loved and he traveled into her soul and he traveled with complete authority and absolute authority.

Ibrahim(A.S)'s Love For God

Another example, a great example is the prophet Ibrahim(A.S)'s love for God who really loved the God, the holy God.

He loved God even on the cost of his most beloved, his son Ismail(A.S).

When he watched a dream that the God ordered him to sacrifice his most beloved thing (his son) in God's way, he told his son about this who also agreed to be sacrificed for the love of God and for the love of his father, although the God saved Ismail(A.S), when he was being sacrificed by his father and the God sent a ram from the heaven to be sacrificed instead of Ismail(A.S), but Ibrahim(A.S) and Ismail(A.S) proved their love for God.

Jesus Christ (A.S)'s Love For God And Mankind

Jesus Christ(A.S) really loved the God and he really loved the mankind.

He lived and he loved, although he took a lot of pains in his life but his gains are more than his pains because he lived whole of his life for the love of the God and for the love of the mankind and he was never tired doing this, he preached the humanity, and preached the love, he preached the love for God, he preached the love for mankind and he continued to live and he continued to love till he was crucified by some evil powers who didn't bear his preaching for love, love that was actually the message by God.

Muhammad(S.A.W.W)'s Love For God And Mankind

The prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) really loved God and he really loved the mankind, he loved the whole mankind.

He preached the God's message and he preached it before everyone, he preached it before his bitter enemies who really teases him, when he went to a town to preach the God's message, the people of that town victimized him and they threw the stones on him, he was injured in result but he didn't spoke a single word against him, instead he prayed for them that 'o my God! show them the right path.

In a battle an enemy killed his uncle, a beloved uncle but when the murderer came before his eyes he forgave him and didn't say even a single word against him.

All this shows his love for the God and most importantly his love for the whole mankind because no one can claim to love God if he doesn't love his fellow beings and Muhammad(S.A.W.W) always loved the mankind and he always prayed before the God for the betterment of the whole mankind.

So the love and the life are part and parcel for each other because the love is the food for the life, the food that we need to eat daily, the food we need to eat every moment, the food we need to live because if there is no love, there is no live and we have to live and we have to love, we have to love God, we have to love our prophet, we have to love our parents, we have to love our brothers and sisters, we have to love our friends, we have to love our relatives, we have to love our country, we have to love our world, married men have to love their wives, married women have to love their husbands, we have to love our occupations, we have to love our duties, we have to love our pets, we have to love the whole mankind, we have to love all the creatures created by the God and we have to love, we have to love because we have to live.


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