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The Lovely Place, Home

Updated on November 29, 2012
A picture of my home.
A picture of my home.

A simple poem, about home that is, that I've written last week. I thought of sharing it here as a hub. Let me know what you think. :)

Home is where the heart is..

Home is the beautiful place I love..

I am blessed enough,

for I have had all the pleasures,

excitements, and the joy

of everything else, in home!

Home is where my feet may leave,

but not my heart..

Wherever the paths of life take me..

And no matter where I go,

there will be a time to come back home..

Home, if strong enough,

is the magnet that attracts its pieces to it,

no matter how far they get..

It is the lovely clam place..

It is where the good moments began and ended..

It is where I grew with love and passion..

Home is where memories are trapped..

Whenever I'm home, I find myself..

Home was, is, and will be the place of my soul and heart.

-Sara A. ~ November, 2012.


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