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The Magic of Life

Updated on February 15, 2020
Harishprasad profile image

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.


The Magic

We move with passions
Pause for some moments
Sooth our tired souls
Cool our weary minds
We go through darkness
Touch threshold of
Another day and
A new dawn
Savor pleasant thoughts
Feel the gag of hard days
Churn the rage and abuse
In the ocean of heart
Create cascades of smiles
Sink deep into the depths
Of desires and gather
Some pearls of love
Out of sludge
We know the worth
Of heights
Return to the
Roots to dwell in peace
To relish glimmers
Of lights
Walk in peace
Among clouds
We cannot be awake ever
Our eyes need dreams
We watch and relax
We cannot cease
The march of existence
When a guest goes out
We put a smile on the face
And honor the exit
With love in our heart
It will not rain forever
The sun will shine again
In the night
The Moon will be there
With all stars
All leaves and flowers
That fell off
In this season
Melted into the soil
To invigorate
The earth's fragrance
Good will not come alone
There will be thorns
There will be gorges

Back to Home

Doors open
And will be closed
Breath dances through
Deathly moments
Curtains open
And will be drawn
We see the moments
Time will play
There will be light
Darkness will follow
We will meet the earth
To become the earth
We will touch the sky
To become the sky
All our stares
All our laughters
All our thoughts
Good and bad
Will disappear
The space we took
Will be taken back
We see light and fright
We fall and rise
We go for
The serene shade
The sheer darkness
The dreamy sleep
We live for a moment
We live for years
Nothing is futile
To be eternal
With peace
We recognize the hell
In sleazy abodes
Face fangs of time
Drink venom with ease
Decline the crown
Melt the self
Into the dust
To be nothing
Beyond light and darkness
Mirth and despair
Mind and thoughts
All words and worlds
Truths and lies
The magic we yearn for
Dwells in our own bosom
When all doors close
We flock to home

© Harish Mamgain


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