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The Magician Within Chapter Three

Updated on September 29, 2012
Graphic Art by Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by Lori Hrdina | Source

The Mountains of Armalie

Tristain and Lilah were a day ahead of schedule but something told Tristain it wasn’t going to stay that way as they stood at the bottom looking up to the top where the dragon’s keep awaited them. Tristain scouted the best path to pursue as Lilah kept a watch for intruders. Tristain discovered a path that made him satisfied that Lilah would beable to follow him without trouble, he returned back to her and they hid their possesions in a small cavern at the foot of the mountain and covered it with rocks so that anyone passing by would not see it.

As they began their climb to the Dragon's Keep; Tristain was surprise to find that Lilah was keeping up quite well and with no complaints at all. However he continued to keep an eye out for any loose ground that may give under their feet. Lilah continued to not speak unless spoken to first and this always boggled Tristain. Was it from being left alone so much or was this simply how she was raised?

"Lilah, why do you not talk?" Tristain asked with caution not know what her reaction would be. "I don't understand what you mean I talk, don't I ?" She asked confused. "Only when I speak to you first though. Why is that?" He wasn't sure how this was going to end, but in all the distraction Tristain lost his footing a slipped and Lilah was quick to catch him before falling over the edge. Suddenly he asked her "Why did you come with me?" She looked at him as she helped him back to his feet "He told me you would need me." and continued to walk up the mountain.

The journey up the mountain to the Dragon's Keep would be a day's hike Tristain decided they would stop and rest before entering the cave he wanted to make sure there was no chance of error. They had packed enough food and water for the trip up and back. After eating they settled down to wait for the right time to move in for the lily.

"What did you mean when you said that someone said I would need you? Who told you that?" He asked her. Lilah said nothing at first as if she were searching for the correct answer but instead of giving him an answer she just shrugged her shoulders and closed her eyes. Tristain was astounded by her actions and was in full mind to pester her until she gave him an answer and the ones he wanted, but something told him that it wasn't meant to be known yet to keep his mind on the mission at hand he couldn't afford to be distracted again. Tristain rolled over and went to sleep he began to dream of fire; it was intense and hot and he heard Lilah's cry for help but he couldn't find her and everytime he thought he was getting closer to her it seemed as if her voice started to move farther away. He followed it down a tunnel where smoke filled the room and her cries turned to screams, but before he could go any further he noticed that the screams were not in his dreams they were real Lilah was screaming for real.

Tristain came flying from his sleepiness to find Lilah being drug back down the mountain by what looked like bandits. He was unarmed and had no clue how many there were so he had to think quick to ensure that he could rescue her and not become captive himself.

Tristain carefully followed them until he came to a spot where he could climb above them where he found the biggest rocks possible and began to roll them down toward the bandits. Lilah made a run for it and was able to climb up to where Tristain was waiting for her. "Are you hurt?" Tristain asked her while checking her over to make sure she was not injured. Lilah said nothing and his blood began to boil. "Lilah, Are you hurt? Did they hurt you? Answer me now." He shouted at her.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks "No, they didn't hurt me." she answered barely whispering. He wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you. I was worried they hurt you. I made a promise to protect you and I mean to do so." She continued to stay silent for a few more minutes and then looked at him. "Thank You."

"Do you know who they were or what they wanted with you?" Tristain asked trying to figure out what they were up against and how to make it to the Dragon's Keep and stay ahead of the bandits at the same time. "They were hired by my father to bring me back to him." she said with fear and anxiety. "He wants me back so he can trade me." Tristain's heart and mind went completely numb from this he bacame angry and enraged. "What do you mean he plans to trade you? What is he trading you for? " Shouting again he counldn't understand any of this.

Lilah never thought that Tristain was capable of holding so much fury inside himself and it frightened her, but at the same time he made her feel safe and wanted. This thought made tears flow again down her face and that's when Tristain realized what he had done and wrapped her tightly in his arms once more and held her close. "He will not get you and he will not be trading you for anything. You are with me and that's where you will stay until you decide what you want to do. Do you understand?" "Yes, I understand." She said and they began their journey again to the Dragon's Keep without another word of the issue. However Tristain never took his eyes off her and the feeling of losing her was very unsettling to him. He had never thought he would have felt anything like this, but the more he thought about it the more his angry wanted to spill over and out.

When they reached the edge of the Dragon's Keep Tristain took a look around trying to see if he could see the Lily or if this was going to be to risky for the both of them about that time the mountain began to rumble.....


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    • profile image

      Lori Hrdina 5 years ago

      wonderful story getting better ever chapter.