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"The Magnificent Seven" Plus One

Updated on June 19, 2017

I will Honor my Father and the Men who helped to shape me as I did my Mother.

"The Magnificent Seven" Plus One
Juliet-Jewel Stewart

Happy Fathers Day
It is no secret I tend to get along better with Men
My Uncle's seven you see fostered in me a belief
One was more of a Father than a Father ever could
My Father had Children countless.

Lawks, but my Uncles two you see helped in the raising of me
One to School he would help prepare
Books, and Uniforms and supplies
A truly old English Gent he appraised
The world as defined back then

The other Uncle number two
Made sure my Health
Dental, and Medical and a score
I was his little star that to him shone bright
His World,his light and yes
P.S. his pocketbook

The other though my age
He jokingly say's he is my Son
Played the part of Uncle number three naturally
He always calls and gives love unconditionally
He fosters my need for a taste of Jamaica
Coffee grounds aah the aroma
The pungent, aromatic, and undeniably mountain grown

The other a Mother's only Brother
A prankster, a clown
He keeps me laughing still Today
My other name he gave to me
No that I will not tell
He is my memories of Over Hills and Vales

My Uncle the Vampire slayer
We called him Barnabas back then
My memories of Childhood
Through the eyes of a Child
An excellent chef
With him you can't go wrong
Pistachio nut's over Salmon
Again you delight

My Uncles the other two not by Birth but by marriage
A picture I framed lovingly
Must be returned to me
His partner and love at the time
Dog Years
A gift to me they gave at my graduation
A Smirk as yet again
Signed with love from a Family
That at the time comprised of only three
The gift given is in safe keeping
The return of the picture and newspaper clipping
A must!

An Ode a testament to their undying love I wrote I believe the Year 2004. Sent in a letter and sealed with a kiss. Still Today he says love filled eyes cannot resist. The kind words and thoughts and love so freely give. A smile. The wedding soup was delicious. I really tried to talk to you. "Phils restaurant" Punta Gorda. Your Name I did not forget and never will. If only you had talked to me you would see my love is unconditional still. You always loved my Daughter and wished her to be yours. I give her into your safe keeping as I did Years before to walk her down the "Isles" because her Father cannot.

Plus one
My Father you see
May not be rich
Yet the love he showed still today resonates
He is my first memories of love
A Man that which such love and affection
Sent to us
what he was able
But to me Dad your love was all I ever needed
Money nor things could ever replace
Anticipatory my fondest memories of you
That little Wooden shack that sit's upon
the hill still Today
The clubhouse that you built that fostered Childhood play
All these seven plus one. Men that are to me my defining of the Character
of what good Men ought to be. Barack Obama espouses these characters, faults he may possess but in each of us that doth lay.

I am Jamaican never to be defined as Black American to do so is to lose all that defines this queens makeup and my Children's, Children times three; their Heritage would to them be lost.



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