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The Maharajah and the Seduction of the Viceroy's Daughter

Updated on January 14, 2020
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An Air Warrior and prolific writer with over 200 published short stories and 14 books on fiction

The beginning

Maharajah Randhir Singh was an imposing man. He came out of his palace and sat in his Rolls Royce. His driver was an English man named Peter Jones. The Maharajah though 35 was still a bachelor. Despite being a bachelor he had a roving eye and many princesses and commoners had shared his bed but none had captivated him to be his queen. As he sat in the car he called Jones over.

"Hey, Jones let's drive to Simla."

"Certainly Your Highness! but would you like me to alert the palace protocol officer, as well as the English resident as the Viceroy I believe, is holidaying in Simla?

"No need, I will call on the Viceroy myself. I am sure old Bertie will be happy to meet me."

Jones was a driver in the British Indian army until he caught the eye of the Maharajah. He picked him and offered him a job. It was good money with a luxury quarter that swung the mind of Jones and he hadn't regretted it one moment after he joined. He knew the Maharajah's penchant for beautiful girls and as the Maharajah settled in the rear seat, he whispered to the maharajah, "Sir, I believe the daughter of the Viceroy is with him."

Randhir Singh smiled, "Yes, my man, I know, that's why we are heading there. I want to meet her. I am told she is 26 unmarried and free." Jones put the Rolls into gear and the car sped from the palace in Jind, towards Simla.

They reached Kalka, at the foothills and the luxury car began the climb up the mountain with ease. Simla located at a height of 8000 ft above sea level in the Himalayas is a picturesque hill station and also the summer capital of India during the days of the Raj.

Love or seduction?

The maharajah settled in his opulent suit in his palace in Simla. In his chamber, he formulated plans to seduce the girl. There was no doubt that he had come to Simla after he received a report about the visit of the Viceroy and his daughter to Simla. He refreshed himself and came down to his Rolls. He instructed Jones to drive to the Mall road. The Mall road is the main street of Simla and no vehicle was allowed on it except that of the viceroy and the maharajah. Randhir had done his homework. He had learned that the girl was 26, extremely beautiful and above all she was the daughter of the viceroy.

He had also learned that she was unmarried. Randhir had seen her photographs and had been enraptured with the beauty of the girl.

Randhir Singh along with Jones drove down the mall. As the maharaja, drove down the road, people all around acknowledged his presence by folding hands respectfully. He was a much-loved ruler and his Rolls-Royce with the insignia of the maharajah of Jind entranced the people along the Mall Road.

The Raja stopped at the end of the mall road and surveyed the scene. At one corner of the Mall road, his roving eye espied a young woman wearing a skirt standing at the lookout area savoring the beauty of the high mountains. One look and Randhir was sure she was the girl of his dream and could only be the viceroy's daughter as he had seen her photographs. As everybody knows the Himalayas are the highest mountain range in the world and the girl was obviously in awe of the towering mountains.

Randhir Singh motioned to his driver Jones to come to him.

He took a gold ring studded with a large diamond and gave it to the driver.

" Jones," he said, "take this gold ring and present it from me to the girl standing by the viewpoint."

This viewpoint had been specially constructed by the previous Viceroy to afford visitors a site to watch the mountains. Jones had been long enough with the Maharaja to understand his line of thought.

He smiled and added, " Sir I am also going to take a bouquet of roses for this beautiful girl and I sincerely hope that she comes with you to the palace."

Simla is a city bedecked with flowers and flower shops. Jones selected a massive bouquet of roses and with the gold ring of the maharajah began to walk briskly towards the girl. He soon stood behind her respectfully.

The maharajah was watching the goings-on from his Rolls-Royce. Jones coughed slightly and the girl looked back. She saw Jones standing with a bouquet of roses and asked, " who are you?"

"Madam," he replied, "I am from the staff of the maharajah of Jind and he has sent you this bouquet and along with it is this ring, it has his emblem on it."

"But where is the maharajah?"

"Madam, the maharaja is sitting in the Rolls-Royce. He awaits you."

" Hell, why did he not come himself."

" He will come, once you accept this gift from the maharajah"

"Oh yes, I have heard of the maharaja of Jind and my daddy speaks very highly of him. He is our great supporter and I would love to meet him. I will accept the roses bouquet but will not take the ring."

" Why madam? why are you not accepting the ring.''

" Heavens! it is so costly, I can't take such a costly ring."

As she accepted the bouquet she observed a very tall handsome man with a brisk gait walking towards her. She had observed that he had got down from his Rolls-Royce. So this was the maharajah of Jind. He looked an imposing figure and she liked what we saw.

The maharajah came up to the girl and it was perhaps a case of two opposites attracting each other. Sally was smitten by the magnetic personality of the maharajah and he was similarly smitten by the beauty of the girl. He wondered if he had found his queen.

"I invite you, my lady, to my Rolls and palace."

She had half a mind to say 'no', but the heavens decided for her as it began to rain. It was a thundershower and Randhir held out his hand and she grasped it. He led her to the comfort of the car with the rain now a torrent. Visibility was reduced to zero and the temperature dropped dramatically.

In the heated comfort of the car, she felt safe but wondered why the rain had come at the moment she was going to say no. She looked at the Maharajah and liked him. He kept gazing at her and Jones softly asked.

"Should I move forward, your highness?"

The finale: Queen of Jind

The Finale in the lodge

" Yes, drive to the jungle lodge. I hope it is well kept as I wish to take my guest there."

The car moved smoothly forward through the forest after crossing the mall road and reached the hunting lodge of the Maharajah.

The car pulled in the porch and a liveried guard approached. He opened her door and as she stepped out she fell. How did she fall? She had no idea but Randhir had come and he lifted her. She was struck by his prodigious strength as his arms encircled her.

"I am ok "she whispered, "You can put me down."

Randhir had however seized his opportunity and he just carried her inside the house. Cradled in his arms she didn't feel anything bad but only wondered what it meant to be carried by a maharajah inside his mansion. It was an exotic idea and she let him carry her.

He carried her up a steep wooden ornamental staircase made of choicest teak to an opulent bedroom. He laid her on the bed and said softly, "your skirt is wet, you better take it off."

She was in confusion as Randhir's hands began to unbutton her skirt. She was now alive and she said, "You better stop it, otherwise I shall report you."

There was incense burning in the room and somebody put on a gramophone record of soft music. This broke her resolve as Randhir now kissed her. It was a delicious kiss and she realized nobody had kissed her this way before. Her sense of reason broke and she lay still in the incense and soft music as the Maharajah disrobed her completely.

She felt she was being taken into Alladin's cave and a genie was taking her and the maharajah on a magic carpet. And she dreamt that it was raining but on the magic carpet her lover had covered her and possessed her.

Randhir had planned it well and he knew the girl was his. What followed was an earthquake as the bed shook as thunder crashed on the earth. Another crash and Randhir had possessed her completely.

She awoke in the morning wondering what her father would be thinking. Randhir was not there. Had he alerted the police? The Maharajah soon came and kissed her. She clung to him and wondered what had come over her. Randhir whispered " The Diwan and other ministers are coming. I want them to meet the queen of Jind."

"But what about my father ?"

The maharajah smiled, "I have spoken to Bertie and told him to come here as I have selected my queen."

Did the viceroy accept it or sent the police? But that's another story


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