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~The Mansion of my Soul~

Updated on March 4, 2014

If my soul were a mansion,

I believe it would be like this;

There would be hallways

I would never go down.

I went down them,

Once, when it was very new to me

I explored where they took me

And the curious way

I never needed to use the same hallway

To bring me back…

There would be rooms

Dressed with finery


Glorious beyond words, in fact.

I know they are there,

And I won’t change a thing about them

But I’ll never use them.

I won’t open them

Or offer them for company

I won’t redecorate

With the changing seasons

Or the changing times

Because each tells their own story

Each has their own place

To be

To stay

Just as they are.

In the back of the mansion –

So only the people who really knew

Would even know it was there –

Would be a room

With a glorious window

Facing the East

Where the morning sun would shine in

And where the winter chill

Would seem less bitter

A playground for my emotions…all…

I spend much time in here…

Tucked away in the back,

Away from the traffic

And the hustle

The curious onlookers

And the transient visitors…

And somewhere,

Sandwiched between all the rooms

And the hallways

A nondescript alcove

Where I retreat

When my spirit needs


Where I hurt

And even shatter

A place so small

That the fragments

Would not be lost

But rather wait

Just where and as they landed

For me to return

And reassemble them

Once again

To carry on with me

If my soul were a mansion,

I believe it would be like this.


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