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The Many Ways of Way

Updated on October 26, 2009


But I followed the arrows....
But I followed the arrows....

We are on our way....

All the Ways of Way

The word “way” can be used in many different ways. I thought that it would be fun to find out all the ways of way. There are so many ways in and out of the way that as long as way was in the word or statement, and could precede or follow the word, it was game all the way.

You see, I thought about following a winding way up the mountain while I sat in my car while parked in my driveway. Surprisingly, along the way came the by-law officer and stated that I couldn’t be in the way of my own paved way. How could I find a way out of this one? I revved my engine and drove away.

I turned onto the street corner and then exited off the ramp onto the highway. It was busy! Not only was it rush hour traffic, but along the roadside was a driver whose car was jammed wayside into another car. It looked like the other car was heading the wrong way and met its fate as the other driver gave no way for him to escape the “Wayward Accident”. There was no way around in avoiding this jammed up freeway. I sighed a deep sigh and thought of where shall I make my way to tonight.

So I sat in my car, looking up into the sky. The Milky Way was beginning to shine with the twinkling stars. It looked like I would be delayed for a while. Nothing much to do but listen to the radio and dream about where I would go once this traffic jam gave way.

My mind drifted and I imagined how I could lead the way. I could lead the way out of this traffic jam. Everyone would follow, as long as I didn’t lose my way. I could take them on the thruway so we could go round about this jam. Or, I could lead the long way. Take them towards the waterway and head for the underway. It would be wet and soggy but in some way, we would get past this knot in the road. I could make way by blasting my horn and bumping the car in front of me until I pushed it sideways onto the shoulder. By the way, this really wouldn’t work as I’d have to bump hundreds of cars in front of me. So much for the easy way!

Anyway, how many more ways could I dream of getting around. I am so waylaid from driving to my unknown destination that all I could do was wonder which way? I think I’ve lost my way, but then again, how could I? There’s no way since I’m sitting here not moving an inch.

Is there no one to show the way? Anyone? There must be a back way around this jam. Does anyone know? How much longer? It’s been a while. There’s no way this could last much longer. The sky is dark and the moon is out. Is it possible? Could this last all the way through the night?!?

Oh, please, someone come and clear this mess up. I’m trying not to give way to all those crazy thoughts of walking away. But sitting here through the night – that’s just too much to bear!

Finally!! Someone that knows the way! He’s pointing this way and that way, every way and all ways. He’s giving them right of way and, in some way, pointing to others that in no way they are to go. He’s all about every which way! He blows his whistle: “Give way to this car!” and points to me. ME! Finally, I am on my way!

I step on the gas pedal and in my mind I say to myself: “Make way! I’m outta here!” and off I speed away. I pass the other cars, oblivious to the two dented cars that have been towed on their wayward journey. I’m on my way to an unknown destination.

Speeding past the byway, my head turns sideways as my attention is caught by glittering lights and neon signs. There are all kinds of movement and hundreds of people milling about. I quickly take the ramp and exit off the highway. I take the next turn, and head back onto the thorough-way.

In some way, I’m glad that the jam happened. Sometimes, life is that way.

I pull into the parking lot and park my car. I turn the engine off and sit back. I’m grinning ear to ear. I’ve found my destination: the MIDWAY! Now it’s fun, FUN, FUN all the way!



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