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The Marksman

Updated on April 6, 2017

Dwelling in the depth of Hades

0ur paths crossed where the five rivers meet.

You bathed in Kokythos -

drowning in solemn lamentation.

I watched you from a distance-

treading in the deep of the Styx.

A sentry for retribution and sweet revenge-

I uttered an ardent vow.

Unsuspectingly, you departed.

I remained.

The curse of a decade shattered-

released by a siren of youth.

Whetted by an absentminded arrow-

never to sip from the currents of the Lethe.

When we reconvene

on the bank of the river lulling Hypnos' cave

bidden by closure and warm with final breath

we shall drink the water of oblivion.

Two old souls-

Sent to try again.


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