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The Misconception of Fame

Updated on December 16, 2009

Today we see so many people of fame in the headlines. I say to myself that people that have become so famous or well known to the public eye. Their fame cause them to live as though they are not human and can't make mistakes. Fame will tell you that you are so good no one are nothing can touch you. Fame will bring you up so high so it can watch you fall.

Fame will take you down the road of disappointment. Fame will make you forget who you really are it will strip you of your true self if you just keep your eyes on the goal that it has set before you.

I have seen people that have had the walk of fame and a life that was untouched by the dross.That's only because they stayed true to themselves.Fame will hate you for being true to yourself.You wont get fame credits but that's OK . Because the reward will be much greater at the end.

By not putting yourself and your family first you start loosing grip.People lives start to spirl out of control.Fame will take your sleep and give you sleeping pills.Fame will take your family and give you the Gold of Goals. Fame will buy your life just as long as you dance to it's music.Fame will take your joy and exchange it for fun for a moment. Fame will only give you a piece of cake in exchange for your peace of mind.

It is very important that if you ever in your life find yourself at the doorway of fame and when you step through weigh the true virtue of your life and the weight of fame and see what you are willing to exchange.Because all temptation will be there also to alter the person you come as.Fame will constantly ask you who you are as you walk that walk. And if you don't know who you are and what is most important in life.Fame has a suit for you; Well the one it wants you to wear.

So do we know when to say No to fame are do we stay there until we have nothing to give back to ourselves? We as people have to know when enough is enough.And that fame can only take you so high before the fall. In the bible it is called the pride of life. The bible also said" What profit is it to man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

Matthew 16:26

For what is a mans profited,if he shall gain the whole world,and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in Exchange for his soul?

So after fame show you the gain in which you sell yourself for. You began to walk with the pride of life and all that comes with it. The love of it all strips us.Than your heavenly treasure is no more. God is put to the side and you lose what he made you to become.

Pride of this life

It looks so good but if you don't handle it right it is very costly.The bible states where it stands with God.

1 John 2:16

For all that is in the world,the lust of the flesh,and the lust of the eyes,and the pride of life,is not of the Father,but is of the world.

If for any reason we think that the pride of life will cover our fall; It wont Fame will uncover you and walk away. Fame will point a finger at you and say to the world " look at how unclean you are. After it has gotten what it wanted.Don't be misinformed it can happen in the Church world as well.

But most of all you must remember that God is forgiving and you are always in his hand.God never walks away from us.My Heavenly Father is greater than Fame.

(c)2009 Sharon Smith

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  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas

    Immab,Hello and yes we focus on the wrong things in life.When we are out of control of our life we have no life.We become puppets.

    Thanks for your visit and comment.


    Sharon Smith

  • immab profile image

    immab 7 years ago from Long Island, NY!

    i definitely used to believe fame was something to strive for, but i agree that it spirals one's life out of control. we trust and love celebrities FAR too much -- they are just people, after all.

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Peace again, my shoes are skating across the universe watching for what GOD sends our way next,He trusted us all with the gifts we need to live this great life, but the question is how will we apply it to live peaceable with all humans.That will be the job well done.


    I love when GOD says to me well done!


    Sharon Smith

  • blake4d profile image

    Blake Ford Hall 8 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

    You are as cool as I thought, groovy two shoes SC. BLake4d

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Hello blake4d,Humans have the right to make choices of their very own but all choices have outcomes.

    I shall call no names and point no fingers,But wrote what was on my heart,Things do not give power and if any human should think so they have been misinformed.I also believe that GOD Of ALL forgives all.

    His GRACE is Sufficient for all.......

    And yes ONLY thur the Grace of GOD will you leave a beautiful corpose behind.....Hmmmm

    Thanks for stopping By.

    God Bless!


    Sharon Smith

  • blake4d profile image

    Blake Ford Hall 8 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

    So I am guessing Paris Hilton needs to cash in those Gideon hand stamps before Daddy has to close up for karmic renovations?

    Do you think Andy Warhol was correct, that God or the universe gives you 14 minutes and 59 seconds to get your ass out of the ego trip of fame, and in one second still find your way to truth again. Power thru giving up all that has empowered you?

    Then again Warhol also said, you should leave a beautiful corpose behind when you die...Hmmmm

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Hello sweetie,Thanks for your time of reading and your comment it is important.

    We all as people love fame and good fortune as long as We are focus on what matters the most is very much all that matters.Yes It depends on the person some can handle it and some can not.:)

    God Bless!

    Sharon Smith

  • sweetie1 profile image

    sweetie1 8 years ago from India

    What i feel is many of the inventions in this world happened because the inventor was hungry for fame. Thomas Elva Addision didnt need money later on yet he kept on inventing because he wanted more fame. Yes Fame can go to head but there are people like Sachin Tendulkar in India ( a sportsman) who is worshiped by over a billion people yet he still got his feet on ground. So it depends on person to person how he takes on fame.

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Thanks festersporling1 for stoping by my hub and taking time to comment.

  • festersporling1 profile image

    Daniel Christian 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

    Solid points. I can't stand when people put so much importance on the wrong things.

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Thanks Magnoliazz.Wisdom granted from God and life.Thanks so much for the comment.God bless you Happy Holidays

  • magnoliazz profile image

    magnoliazz 8 years ago from Wisconsin

    Nice hub! You know what is really important in life. I would hate to be famous, you would have no privacy, and you live in a fish bowl. All that money, but look what you have to live with!

    You are the salt of the earth, and a very wise woman!

  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 8 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for visiting fiksy02

  • fiksy02 profile image

    Fikayo Balogun 8 years ago from London

    well nice hub. we should however also look at the fact that even the fans of the famous people are not helping them to be true to themself. they are expected to be perfect which no one is. if they walk the press say they don't walk well. if they make coomon mistake that every other person makes, it is a big deal. it is only God that can help famous people because there is a thin line between love and hat e and it takes not up to a seconds for people who love these people to hate them.


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