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The Most Unlikely Friends

Updated on April 8, 2014

The Most Unlikely Friends

I can’t believe what I just saw

Walking down the street

It was tall and blue and purple

And it had great BIG feet!

From far away I heard it

It made an awful noise!

It sounded to my ears like

“Oh my, I’ve lost my toys.”

That didn’t make no sense to me

I stood and scratched my head

The monster ‘lost its toys’ …

I think is what it said

He was looking everywhere

As he walked down the block

It wasn’t in the bushes

So he picked up the sidewalk!

What ever he was looking for

Had him quite upset

He was getting closer but

He hadn’t seen me yet

I ducked down behind a fence

So I could take a peek

With each step he got closer

And then I heard him speak

“I’ve lost my brand new toy.”

He said “And I am so sad.

I cannot tell my Mommy,

I know that she’ll be mad.”

I saw his purple face turn red

As he began to cry

He was feeling oh, so bad

So I ran up to ask him “Why?”

I looked way up to see him

And he looked down to me

“I’m scared.” He sobbed … I wondered

“Oh my, how can this be?”

Here was the biggest creature

That ever walked the Earth

“Oh my – You are so very BIG!”

“I’ve been this way since birth.”

“Are you a kid or grown up?

Can I ask how old you are?”

“I’m 3 and lost and can’t get home

Cause I am very far!”

“Please don’t cry, I’ll help you.

Are you looking for a toy?”

“I lost my birthday present

My brand new red Zig-Zoy.”

A red Zig-Zoy? That’s strange. I said

“I’ve never heard of that.

What does a Zig-Zoy look like?”

He said “It’s round and flat.”

That just made no sense at all

Round AND flat?” I said

“Yes – and I have lost it.”

Another tear he shed

“Please don’t cry – I’ll help you

And I know where to look!

Maybe there's a picture of it

In my monster book!”

I took the monster by the hand

(Or rather, he took me.)

We went and got my monster book

But no Zig-Zoy did we see

“My Mommy’s going to be so mad!

My present was brand new!”

I had a GREAT idea

I knew what we could do!

“Follow me!” I called to him

I took off at a run

I ran down the sidewalk

Just the way that he had come

“Look! You made a trail of tears

This will show the way!

I’ll get you home – just wait and see!

I will save the day!”

Some tear drops had made puddles

Others a big wet dot

He’d made a perfect tear trail

Cause there were lots of spots

We walked and walked for hours

Spots were as far as you could see

I couldn’t walk much farther

He picked me up and carried me

We walked into the setting sun

Then we began to hear

His Mommy calling out his name

The closer we got near

“What is your name?” I asked him

He said “My name is Bob.

And now my Mommy’s mad at me.”

Again I heard him sob

“I lost ME and my Zig-Zoy

Both in the same day!

I threw my Zig-Zoy way too hard

When I went out to play.”

“My Zig-Zoy just went sailing

Way up in the air

And when I went to pick it up

It just wasn’t there!”

“That’s what I’ll tell my Mommy.

That is what I’ll say.

I’ll tell her I’ve been looking

For my Zig-Zoy the whole day.”

And pretty soon his Mommy

Came into full view

When he saw the she was smiling

Into her arms he flew!

“Oh, Bobby! Bobby! Where you been?

I’ve looked everywhere!

I found your Zig-Zoy by the tree

But didn’t find you there!”

You found my new red Zig-Zoy?

Oh WOW! Oh, this is GREAT!

I thought that you’d be mad at me

Cause it was getting late.”

“I’m not mad – just worried.”

She hugged him with great joy

And then she saw me standing there

“Oh, No! Who IS that boy!”

“Mommy! Mommy he’s my friend!

He helped me to get home!

Can I keep him Mom” Please can I?

If he’s here I’d never roam!”

“No! You can not keep him!”

I heard his mommy say

“But if you’d like to, little boy,

You can come back to play.”

Now I have a new best friend

“I’d LOVE to!” I said to her

“He’s just a little boy like me

He’s not a big monster.”

We all just laughed

And the Bob said “You have to come and see

My new Zig-Zoy – it’s flat and round

I got it cause I’m 3!”

“Flat and round” again he said

And soaring in the air?

When we got to his bedroom

It was sitting there

It WAS red and flat and round!

He held it out to me

“I’ve got one too! And MINE is blue!

But mines called a Frisbee!

So now I have a new best friend

We look different as can be

But where it counts – our feeling

We’re the same – both him and me!


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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 5 years ago from Germany

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 7 years ago

      I love it and I'm sure children do too. Thanks for sharing this poetic story with us. I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading more. Cheers!

    • Moneylady profile image

      Moneylady 7 years ago from Texas

      Well thank you nighthag. I'm glad you like it!

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      This was a wonderful delightful piece of writing...

      Well done :)

    • mquee profile image

      mquee 7 years ago from Columbia, SC

      I have tried it, but I just don't have the knack. Very good writing!!

    • dotty1 profile image

      dotty1 7 years ago from In my world

      Hello Money lady....a children's writer after my own heart... I think Jerico's coment shows that you write for children in the most fantastic way... I too write childrens poems altho not put on my hubs as of yet however they bring me the most joy to write and then hear my children laugh when I read them to them.. It is hard I think to produce poetry sometimes in a funny amusing way but yet in such a verbal format that children dont get bored with and I think thats what Jerico meant...however I think that your poems show a great deal of thought and I am looking forward to reading the rest...x

      ps...wud appreciate your feedback too and if Moulik Mistry says you are "Wonderful" then you are truely fantastic as I love his writing xx..

    • Moneylady profile image

      Moneylady 7 years ago from Texas

      Thank you ... I think ... Jerico ... Be looking soon for the published books my Grandma Jackie!

    • profile image

      Jerico 7 years ago

      You are one awesome writter!!! I love your stories they are so simple and without much thought.

    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 7 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      Wonderful, simply wonderful - loved it all the way...

    • profile image

      "Quill" 7 years ago

      Hugs amaze me as you just grow and grow...God bless all you write...

      Blessings and Hugs

    • Moneylady profile image

      Moneylady 7 years ago from Texas

      Thank you thevoice Glad you like i.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great great hub terrific