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The Music You Sing to Life

Updated on May 27, 2013

I can feel the music you sing to life.

The sounds of your lovely presence tantalize the rhythmic desires within my muse.

Museums of cradled composition are lingering, lavishly through the ear wells of the masses.

The tone of your voice and softness of your buzz hang brightly on my mind.

The bass kicks.

The horns roar the whispers of greatness, clearing the way for the mavericks of musical triumph to cast drums.

The sounds of energy and attitude move forward with visionary vocals, climbing the walls of media.

I cried the sweet melodies you boast into the atmosphere.

Verses, blessed to be honored.

The rip and tongue trembles my soul; sound fully yours, while the music delights the soul with sound bites, of beauty.

A poem, by Veronica Rain


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