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The "Nature" of Existence

Updated on November 12, 2011

Cradle of cornsilk on dais of rosethorn:

How can you co-exist? When were you born?

Blanket of petals with pillow of ragweed:

What is this meadow for? Where does it lead?

Sat in the meadow to count blades of grass,

Watching the gray mist of cloud-dust roll past.

Lay ‘neath the sundrops that vanquished the storm.

Was chilled by the fresh dew; forgot it was warm.

Passion flower breathing a scent-inspired sweet song:

How could we fathom such beauty as “wrong?”

Haven of golden trees bathed in an orange sun:

Is there a message here? Where shall we run?

Ran through a garden to search for a moon,

Forgetting the sundial still pointed towards noon.

Walked past a daisy in search of a rose;

Got tangled in ivy vines, tearfully chose.

Prison of dried peach groves minus the cream:

Why can’t you simply allow us to dream?

Dungeon of lily stalks blighted by heat:

Where is your fragance? And why aren’t you sweet?

Fell in a silk bed to cry over Fate,

Cursing the lilacs for blooming too late.

Woke to a starbeam preceding the sun.

Held out my arms to a life just begun.

Castle of gingerbread built by a child:

Why are we not still bewitched and beguied?

Lollipops coated with sugar and spice:

How do we move ahead? What is the price?

Sat in a meadow and smiled at the sky,

Forgetting to wonder why stars sometimes die.

Walked through the garden where white daisies grew,

And basked in the chill glow of fresh morning dew.

Cradle of cornsilk on rocker of glass,

Hinting that childhood memories will pass.

Blanket of petals and porcelain bed-

You’re not forced to claim them- observe: move ahead.


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