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The Need to Spell Check

Updated on February 7, 2012

Spell Check is Handy, So Use It Frequently

The preponderance of bad spellers pollute all types of communication nowadays, more so than I can remember. With the advent of continuously modernizing technology, there seems to be a retardation on spellings. I used to remember in grade school when we would ask our teachers, "Mam, wrong spelling, wrong?" There was a reluctance on the teacher's part to respond to this dumb question. There would be a justification of why the answer should be correct and just ignore the bad spelling. The reason may be logical, but the complete disregard to review the proper spelling has been set aside.

Nowadays, bad spelling is so rampant. The access to the internet by everyone...check those 'leave your comments, or leave your opinions,' on these allotted box(es), for example, has been the norm. People who itch to declare their two cents worth of opinion never really educate themselves on proper spelling. As readers, we have to read between those letters, if one is smart enough. Otherwise, it's the loss in "trans-spelling." That I coined this word out-of-the-blue, whether this be accepted or rebuffed, could make for "________" conversation.

As Hub Pages writers, we have the responsibility to provide educated literature, not just what your itching to scream for because there is one more vehicle to shout out that subject that has been bothering you.

The Spelling Bee as I remember, held great importance. This should be slated in a more 'priority status,' amongst writers. Let us be more aware of the words we print, because words can be more powerful when seen with their right letters.


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    • billdowis profile image

      Bill Dowis 6 years ago from South Jersey

      Add formatting to the list.

      I hate clicking a link to find nothing more than a single large block of text. Sometimes there is not even any punctuation to mark end of sentences.

    • TMApsey profile image

      TMApsey 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Great hub! It's not only spelling though, it seems that many people publishing on the web also need to learn proper grammar! If I'm reading an informative article and there are spelling and grammatical errors, I start to question the writer's expertise on the subject.