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The Night Lay Still

Updated on January 27, 2014

The night exposed her soul

Bare and forgotten

She walks with wretchedness

Her eyes tell a story of torment

But she's a survivor

Sorrow betrays her heart

The night serves her a reminder

She is vulnerable to its evils

In need of understanding she is

Crying out for help

Her body sings out to be loved

No one hears they’ve all

Turned a deafening ear

Abandon and afraid, she walks on

Deserted as the streets she prowls

If she disappears do you think

Anyone would even care

Disappearing from your mind

A face that darkness embraces

The night lay still

Her steps of a ghost go unseen

The screams in her head are starving

To be feed

The need for validation weeps for justification

Tears of shame run freely down her dirt stained face

Invisible to the world, curse the day she was born

All her life she's know nothing but scorn

Torn away from a stable life

The night became her friend and enemy in one strike

Her will is strong her faith is her salvation

Defeat isn't an option

Retribution is calling

The night lay still


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    • profile image

      tlmntim9 8 years ago

      The road to absolution and forgiveness is a journey, not a destination, a road with no end, only beginnings. We never arrive just endlessly move on.

      (Wayne Wilks)

      Dark! and so true!

      Tim W

      Retrubition is calling.Powerful.

      We all get what we deserve...or do we?

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 8 years ago from Olney

    • ek ellis profile image

      ek ellis 8 years ago

      Thank you, we all need a hug sometimes and to be reminded there is hope :)

    • bayareagreatthing profile image

      bayareagreatthing 8 years ago from Bay Area California

      wow- very emotional and powerful. It makes me want to reach out to her, give her a hug, and tell her there is hope! Great poem! Very stirring.