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The Night the Moon was Dark

Updated on January 2, 2014

awake now!


Write it down, letter by letter

the house of Holy is being built

brick by brick, letter by letter, gem by gem

my Spirit approached me by night

with a vision of gladness

a triumphant tiding

born on a warm and powerful wind in the dead of winter

Say, “It is finished”

Say, “The city has fallen!”

Say, “Come away with me, my love. Come away, and taste not of her poison delicacies”

as in a dream, I watched

while a mad-woman

a maenad

ran through every street and back alley

a lunatic

possessed by the moonlight

holding in her left hand

a magic wand that she had retrieved

from a children's magic kit

a plastic wand

and everywhere she ran

she swung her wand

pointing at each and every thing

and shouting


Holy, the cobblestones of the street! Shining in the moonlight!

Swinging her wand and pointing up

HOLY the dark clouds which move to block the moonlight

and move away again to reveal!

Swinging and shrieking and crying


Pointing the wand at the gawking passerby

who stopped to stare, clutching their children tightly to guard them from her madness

HOLY the skeptics, the blind, and the deaf! For they shall see! They shall hear!

Holy your children, whom you shall not keep from me!

They will follow me through the streets, singing and dancing to my merry tunes!

Holy the children, for they believe in magic wands of plastic

Holy the plastic, no less than the gold with which you adorn your temples!

Holy the darkness, which falls over your land!

And with those words

the Lady flung her arm

pointing her wand at the moon itself

which turned red-black

like congealed blood over a wound

and darkness fell over the cobblestones in the streets

and panic fell in the hearts of the passerby

because the light was gone

and screaming terrified, they tried to drag their children with them back inside their homes

where the cold hum of electricity kept the incandescent status quo glowing from the ceilings

but the children would have none of it

the Lady had begun to dance under the darkened moon

through the black streets

singing a merry tune (holy holy holy)

and the children each broke free from the terrified death-grips of their parents

and danced behind Her

into the streets


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