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The Nightmare of Sphinx

Updated on December 10, 2013
Olmec says to Kirk Fogg, "Where's my money, bitch?"
Olmec says to Kirk Fogg, "Where's my money, bitch?"

It was just two hours past midnight on the 12th January in the 2004. It was a month after I left the United States Army. My stint in the Army was only 11 months long; I suffered an injury in the red phase of basic training which would heal after a few weeks. However, the injury came back at AIT which pushed me to a rehab center for some six months. After that, the Army took some responsibility for my injury, gave me some money and told me to go screw.

After that, and the interest of live life, I couldn't care less that I was back at mom's house and shared a room with my brother. It was all about living life without much regard.

I fell asleep after watching some Kings of Queens and entered in interesting world. I was in some kind of a cave of a 64-bit world, so perhaps I entered a Nintendo 64 game. Anyways, me and an artificially intelligent character with a backwards hat and a disfigured face pressed on with automatic weapons to fight a heard of headless beings. This dream was surely similar to Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas. All of these monstrous headless beings that were coming after us with no weapons of their own.

The music of this game/dream sounded awfully similar to the Roper’s theme, minus a drumbeat and more of the womp-womp-womp. So imagine grand theft auto: The Lost Caves, fighting headless being similar to The Flood in Halo. When I got out, I play with the Xbox a lot (the first one; remember this is 2003-04) and got interested with Halo. I did beat the game in normal mode and I also got into Vice City again. The game had the qualities of Grand Theft Auto; step over a weapon is yours. After killing disfigured headless beings that some gave weapons and ammo to amount to more than all of the population of Rhode Island, my deform friend reach to the end of the cave and towards some red doors. When I think about it, I seen these red doors the super Mario game. Who or what controls dreams?

The Flood.
The Flood. | Source

Anyways the screen goes to letterbox and the red door slowly opened. Who comes out is someone I ran into the Army… By force per se. Beginning by getting off that bus on my first day going to the Army, I was greeted by a short black bulky female Drill Sgt. She kicked my ass a lot during reception before I headed to basic training. One of the things she ordered us to do was to shave, or ‘wipe that shit out of our faces.’ And she had a chainsaw. She demands that me and my deformed-faced friend to go into the latrine (we call it the bathroom and civilian world) and shave. I told her that I wasn't in the Army anymore and I didn't have to take orders from her. This got her upset and she revved the chainsaw while announcing that she's going to slice our faces off.

The screen cuts back to full screen and she is a little far away from us in a little far away from her to accomplish or go. With a large arsenal and hand, I selected the UZI and fired at threats. I remember the screen going back to letterbox showing in a cartoonish way, my reception Drill Sgt. being shot multiple times and falling down with the squelch (I had my reasons, she was coming after me with a chainsaw). The screen went back to full with a ‘Mission Complete’ popping-up.

After a fadeout and fade in, I and my deformed-faced friend are in a lost city inside of the case. We were surrounded by 64-bit buildings and a rather tall statue of a Sphinx a little in front of us. I recall seeing a display on top of the screen (since this is a third-person nightmare/game) of two bosses with the energy bars stretching from left to right. So the new mission is to find and destroy these bosses who I might not be able to finish up before the nightmare ends.

My deform faced friend runs around the building while I approached the Sphinx, but as I moved closer, the head of this so-called statue and one of the bosses looks at me and says, "Where's my money, bitch?”

The voice was robotic with a little smug to it (if that makes any sense), and it was asking in a slight humorous way and not so threatening. This Sphinx who believed I had is money but awfully similar to Olmec from the 90s Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. The difference is Olmec was a computerized mascot and cohost stuck to a board in a popular game show that relied more on the physical than mental. Olmec’s eyes would light up and his lips would move when he spoke, with this very tall Sphinx here, his eyes didn't let up at all and neither did his lips move when he spoke, and his skin was lighter than of Olmec’s.

So as I put it together that this is one of the enemies, he approaches me and I suddenly run around the building looking for weapons. I have found out that at the very ability to jump high. I could just jump on top of buildings and when I was up in the air, I can float up and eventually float down, from one building to another. Same for my deform-faced friend as we were crossing pass from each other jumping from one building to another. While doing so, I notice another Sphinx who asked me, "Where's my game, bitch?"

Ditto on the lips not moving or eyes lighting up, and he also looked like Olmec with lighter skin color.

With the arsenal of weapons I was carrying, I was jumping from one building to building shooting guns, revolvers and Uzis at the two enemies as they pass by. For one thing, my super jumping ability was limited to say about 10 stories. Jumping from one building to building to even tall rocks and even above their heads while asking me, “Where’s my money, bitch?”

Bullets did barely anything to these guys, an UZI sort of helped to move their life meters to the left a mere millimeter. I remembered jumping over one of their heads and blasted away, and the Sphinx asked me, “What are you doing, bitch?”

The Sphinx movement was slow, something my then-fit and fresh from the U.S. Army could outrun. But staying on top of buildings and tall rocks was the wise thing to do. I didn’t want to land on the ground and next to be smashed by the Sphinx. I can imagine me now landing on the ground comprehending my next jump then suddenly I become a pancake while the Sphinx asked, “Why’d you walk in front of me bitch?”

All of the things the Sphinx said were questions only, and they all ended with bitch. Including the famous, “Why’d you hit me, bitch?” when I used the rocket launcher to shoot at him. The rocket hit with that groggy 64-bit fire following that which did nothing to stop him (or it) and turned his head to ask me that. The Sphinx walked aimlessly and rarely tried to attack me (by knocking me off of a building with slow movement of their hands). Despite how slow they were, it would take eons to complete the mission at hand.

"Where's my game, bitch?" Was he looking for this?
"Where's my game, bitch?" Was he looking for this?

More bad news on the way, I saw a little spilt screen pop-up that showed my deformed friend being stepped-on by the other Sphinx who was looking of his game. My fear came true for my ally as the end result showed him now a deformed pancake. So therefore now, both Sphinxes had just me to deal with. I did everything in the world to beat the enemies while they held me responsible for their missing money and their game (which ever game that is).

My dream was fading away slowly. I heard knocking at my front door. I was halfway into the unknown city inside a cave and halfway into reality: me on my bed facing the wall. The Ropers’-like music faded-out while I heard “Where’s my money, bitch?” one more time. I got up to see who’s knocking at my front door at eight-something in the morning and it was my Neighbor/Friend Jesse who had one of those weird sleeping nights (and I had a weird dream). We walked into the cold sunny Michigan morning to CVS while I told him about my nightmare of the Sphinx.

And we will leave you with a episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple...


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