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The Nothings - Flash Fiction

Updated on July 8, 2014

"They asked nothing of The Lord, and The Lord gave them such. They were ever so grateful for that."

Before any of this began, there was barely enough existence to hold up a toothpick. Nothing just floated about freely from nothing to nothing without much of a thought in the world. These Nothings never worried about loss because there was nothing to lose. They never worried about money because there was nothing to buy. They never worried about toothpicks because there was no tooth to pick.

The one thing Nothings did worry about was destruction. Now, this may seem silly. You may think that since there was nothing, there was nothing to destroy. The truth of the non-matter is quite different. All one needs to destroy nothing is something., and all it takes is practically nothing for there to be something. The complete annihilation of the Nothings wouldn’t require much at all.

The Nothings were very close with The Lord. Every one of them believed in his nonexistence and prayed to him regularly. They asked nothing of The Lord, and The Lord gave them such. They were ever so grateful for that. They lived that way for a long while with no way to measure time.

Then the rumor broke out amongst all the Nothings. The Lord was planning something. Not just anything. The creation of everything. The Nothings broke into a panic. Riots erupted, and the Nothings did nothing more violently than they had ever before. Some Nothings developed faith in something, and awaited it with patience and virtue. Other Nothings stayed by their Nihilistic tendencies and begged The Lord to save them from this genocide.

There were a few Nothings who few refused to simply accept this fate. They were a small group who met to discuss the metaphysics of nonexistence. Each was deeply devoted to the Nihilist faith their entire lack of existence, and truly believed there was no purpose to anything. Something would create purpose, and their way of life would be destroyed. The Lord must be reached. They decided that one must be sent to see Him and discuss the rumor. Perhaps it could be stopped, or better yet, wasn’t true, and the Nothings would strive for another immeasurable length of time.

They found the one they were searching for. He was not strong, he was not smart; in fact, he was not much of anything, but he would do. They gave him no food or equipment for his journey, and he was off to meet with The Lord.

His trip did not take long, as there was nothing between him and The Lord. He stepped into The Lord’s home, and it was nothing; like he had expected. He sat and waited for a bit. He had not thought much about The Beginning; as many were now calling it. Now he found it a hard issue to ignore. Ever since he had been sent on this quest, he had struggled with the morality of his task. Perhaps this new world will bring about things he cannot comprehend. Perhaps there was a purpose beyond entropy that he would never find. But was it worth the risk? Is it worth sacrificing nothing? There seemed to be no answers to these questions. Perhaps, he thought, that’s why I’m not here.

Tick. He was thrown down. Nothing shook. Every Nothing became weak. Only he knew what had happened. It was the creation of the first sound. It was the beginning of something. He turned around and saw the source, and when he looked upon it, he saw everything. The Nothing understood precious little of what he saw; but was at least able to appreciate the beauty of it. He saw creation and how attractively disgusting it could be. He saw destruction and how revoltingly magnificent it could be. He saw both sides of everything and wished he had spent more time contemplating the issue before. Now it was too late.

Tock. He knew, at this point, that he was the only piece of nonexistence left. He heard a voice greater than anything mumble something he could not understand and the nothing around began to crack apart. The first piece broke off to reveal red.

And there was red.

The next gave birth to orange.

Then yellow.

For the first time, there was heat, and he felt it.


His lack of consciousness left him, and he was the only Nothing to comprehend what was about to happen.


The amazing feats that existence will achieve. He then ceased to not be.


And there was light.


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      4 years ago

      We need a lot more insithgs like this!


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