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The Oak - Part 4 - finale'

Updated on January 11, 2013

The scenes of the battle had left his sight now. Exasperated and his body and mind recovering from the shock of what he had seen. Ankur knew when he had taken up the offer by Ataya; he hadn’t expected real life to be so horrifying. He had never experienced anything close to any of the visions he had seen a short time ago. He also had not considered the actual plight of the people that lived and died throughout history, as though relegated to nothing more than characters in a play.

Ataya asked, “Are you O.k.?” “Yes”, answered Ankure, “I’m o.k. now, it was very much disturbing at the last though.” “I know I was a bit worried about you, of course that was one of my worst memories as far as being bloody and so many dying at one time.” Ankur asked, “How long did that battle last?” “It started about noon on the first day and ended the next day, about an hour before dark.” “A lot of people died there, did you talk to some of them?” asked Ankure.

“Yes” Ataya answered, “There were many I spoke too, before they died. Some talked, not knowing where the voice was coming from, others thought I was a spirits voice of some kind. I didn’t get to talk to most very long, due to their conditions.” Ankur said, “I’m going home now. I’ll come back tomorrow. I’ll be very much recovering tonight from today.”

He did come back the next day after receiving his treatment from his doctor and many days after that he would come and talk to Ataya. He even ventured several more times to see into the past through Ataya’s memories. Ataya showed him scenes from the year sixteen hundred to our present times. They spent many hours talking; so much, the regular passer biers thought Ankure might be a mentally challenged person that lived nearby. Ankure mostly worked at night for his uncle, so spending time awhile during the day wasn’t a problem.

While he had a relationship with his uncle and cousins, he didn’t talk to them that much. Though he had developed one with Ataya, -- yeah a friendship with a tree; they could talk for hours because they were interested in the same things, telling stories, things going on in the local area and books; Ankure would read to Ataya for hours sitting on the bench. Ataya was like a sponge, taking in and retaining just about everything. Ataya had learned much from listening to the reading at a small church and a schoolhouse that was once nearby.

Ankure had been making regular visits to his doctor for almost three months. The doctor said he was making good progress with his treatments and soon would probably have a clean bill of health. As he left the office, he was poignantly considering what the doctor had said, a clean bill of health; that was great news for most people to hear, -- so why did it almost make him feel sad? Perhaps it was his time being able to hear and talk to Ataya was coming to an end and more quickly than he had been prepared for.

He would have to tell Ataya what was going on with him in other aspects of his life too. His parents were trying to convince him to come back to India; they kept saying it was because his grandfather was getting older and would not be around long. He had not told them of his brush with death, or his uncle and his family here either. That would have made them push all the more for him to return. One of the main reasons he thought they wanted him back in India for was to get him married off properly to a nice Indian girl. Nevertheless he was planning to return in the next few months and would tell Ataya about it.

Ankure sat on the bench under Ataya for several minutes after arriving just enjoying the warm morning sun and a light breeze blowing on his face. “It’s a good morning, isn’t it Ankure?” Asked Ataya. “Yes it is” said Ankure, “It’s a nice sunny day. I have some things to talk to you about.” “O.k. Ankure, go ahead,” Answered Ataya.

“The doctor told me it wasn’t long until I would be well again, which is not a bad thing for me, but I won’t be able to hear you, right?” “No,” said Ataya, “that’s always been the way it’s happened before.” “Well,” began Ankure, “I was just thinking it may be darkness in a shot, but I like radios and electronics as a hobby; -- it might be that I can make a receiver of some kind on the frequency you speak.” “Well, that’s an idea I’ve never heard before, but it sounds good to me,” said Ataya. “O.k., I’ll work on that,” said Ankure.

Ankur continued telling Ataya all the details of the doctor’s visit and about his parents wanting him to return to India because his grandfather was getting old and would not be around long and how he thought the real reason was to get him to return to India to get him married off properly to a nice Indian girl -- Ataya interrupted, “Stop talking, there’s someone approaching us on the sidewalk.” Ankure sat up, straightening his back and looked down the sidewalk. The sight of a beautiful young woman in her mid to late twenties, who happened to be of Indian decent, dumbfounded him.

She approached the bench where Ankure was, all the while eying him and noticing he was of Indian decent, she said, “Hi, how are you?” He was in such a dream like stupor; he almost forgot to speak as he was standing up to greet her. Stuttering slightly, he said, “He, He, Hello, how are you? Glad to meet you; my name is Ankure Patel, and you are?” Asked Ankure. The young woman answered, “I am Parni Chavan, glad to meet you too!” Ankur continued, “I haven’t seen you around here before, do you live here or are you just visiting?”

Parni said, “I just took a job near here recently.” Ankure asked, “What kind of work are you doing?” Parni answered, “I’m a physical therapist and also a psychological therapist too.” “Wow” exclaimed Ankure, “you are a wearer of many hats aren’t you?” Parmi laughed and continued, “I work for a hospice and care center not far from here. I counsel people who are dying or very sick and may take a long time to recover from their illness; I believe that if they are talking to others and are in a comfortable place for a little while each day, they are better off for it.”

“I noticed the tree and little park here and it seemed to be a peaceful place and I wanted to check it out and see for myself. It seems to be such a peaceful place. Do you know much about this wonderful tree here?”

“Yes,” answered Ankure, (while looking up at Ataya) “It is a wonderful old tree and it’s been here a long time, and would be a great therapy for the people you care for. If you have an open mind and are willing to listen, I can tell you some special things about it, if you have the time.”

Copyright©2009 Mit Kroy


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