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The Old and Young People

Updated on April 27, 2016

Time is a perpetual motion. Time is a nonstop process. Time that leads to years. Years that lead to decades and to centuries. Centuries that hold the immense wonder of the past and the present. The past and the present that both are the creation of time. Time that yields every yesterday and every today. Yesterday that signifies the past, and today that signifies the present.

Though the past and the present, both spring from time, they are compared. People make them compete. People argue that one is better than the other, that one is worse than the other. Old people insist that the past is supposed to be brought back, while young people assert that the present is supposed to stay in the here and now. Old people insist that the past preserves order, while young people assert that the past preserves ignorance. Old people insist that the present is destruction, while young people assert that the present is progress. However, no matter what people say, the past and the present need not to compete, they need to complement each other instead.

The past is the parent of the present, and the present is the offspring of the past. They are interconnected. They are interlinked. The past breeds the present. The present grows out of the past. The one cannot exist without the other. The one cannot occur without the other. The past makes the present. The present makes the past. Thus, neither is better, neither is worse. Both have advantage and disadvantage. Both have upside and downside. People, particularly the old people of the past, and the young people of the present, need not to compare one another. They need not to compete against each other, for this competition is unreasonable. This rivalry is absurd, for old age and youth are in the opposite sides of existence. Old age is near the ending, and youth is near the beginning. Old age signifies the finish line, and youth signifies the starting block. Old age and youth, like the past and the present, need not to contend, they need to collaborate instead. Rivals, they are not. Allies, they are instead.

The past and the present, they are not separate from one another. They are not detached from each other. The past and the present, their competition is nothing but the result of delusion. Their rivalry is nothing but the result of fallacy.

The Old and Young People

Ae Clane


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    • Ae Clane profile image

      Ancel Marie Bravo Mondia 22 months ago from Iloilo City, Philippines

      Thank you, Harishprasad, for the comment. I highly appreciate it.

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 22 months ago from India, New Delhi

      Past and present, young and old... these are offshoots of time, only time is the essence. We must focus on the essence, differences shouldn't predominate. Ancel, I love these reflections !