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The Old man and the Talking Pease Tree

Updated on February 23, 2012

Once upon a time there was a man who lived all by himself well except for his dog, and one day he decided to plant some Pease. He planted the Pease and now all he must do is wait some months for it to spring up and grow till it’s time for him to pick them. After waiting for months it was now time for the old man to pick his Pease, while he was picking something strange happened! The Pease tree started to talk and ask the old man, what you picking me for? You plant me? You grow me? You bring me here? The old man was astonished and frighten as can be, never in his life did he hear a tree talk. So he looked to his dog in amazement, his dog watch him and said whey you watching me for? Watch the Pease tree who talking to you. The man at that moment was so scared he took off running like crazy down the road. Only to be stopped by an old lady friend of his who was walking up the road with a bundle of wood on her head. She said man whey you running so for? He said girl if I tell you what happen to me eh; she said what? He said I plant Pease and when I go to pick the Pease just now the Pease tree started talking and asking me what I picking it for? If I know how he get there etc, then I watch my dog and imagine my dog would tell me don’t watch he, watch the Pease tree who talking to me. The old lady said and that’s what you running for? At that instant the bundle of wood that was on top the woman’s head said and if it was you, you would have run to? The lady dropped the bundle of wood of her head and both the old man and lady started running down the road like crazy. Crick crack monkey broke his back for a piece of Pomerac

Written by: Joanna Chandler (a story from my Grandma)

Copyright © 2012


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      natasi 6 years ago from tus

      i like that