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The One Fine Day-Undefined

Updated on August 23, 2017
Rachu Murali profile image

Muralidhar as rachu murali have Logged in On 26-June-2017 In hubpages to Show His talent on Writing Poetry.

One Find Day-Undefined

Was It My Best Day When I Was Floating In Stream ?,

I Thought I Was Awake Wasn’t In Any Dream,

I Was Swimming On The Bundle Of Joy,

Like Cake Was Covered With A Smiling Creamy Toy,

It Was My Life When I Entered With My Wife,

The Day Which I Stepped On The Knife,

Why Did I Fall Without Seeing The Dept Inside The Well ?,

I Was Like The Cute Lamb Who Was Forced To Sell,

I Was Sold With My Life Wasn’t Any Reason To Tell,

There Weren’t Any Mercy To Push Me Inside The Hell,

I Wish I Am In Sleep, I Wish I Am In A Huge Dream,

It Is Never Ending Scene, For Which I Am Tend To Scream.

© 2017 Muralidhar Krishnamurthy


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