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The One Who Strays so far from home

Updated on April 28, 2017
Juliet Stewart profile image

Juliet Austin- is the Mother to three well rounded Children, the smartest most adorable little Boy calls her Grandma.

Softly Silently She Cries

A Mother raises her babies and hopes that they make their way in life she teaches,

She cries over, she nurtures and she loves.

She send's them off into the world with false bravado

But it's always the one that stray's far from the nest that worries her the most.

Each Year she pray's for his return.

To hear the noise and the laughter and the fighting and arguing all in good fun

Their Sister's voice telling them to "hold in your stomach"

It never gets old, the loud "Oomph" as she doubles tiny fist's

A brutal punch and the whoosh of breath.

They always did it, she shakes her head

A ritual of Sibling's she guessed.

The squeal of Laughter as they held her head first

Threatening to drop her from the banister

The yell for Mom because she knows Mom would come running and chastise the Two.

Little hellion's she called them each, as she playfully swatted their head or cheeks.

Would this Mother's Day, mark another time, another Year that she could not have him home

Her sadness always apparent

when the other's gathered she always wait's in expectation for him

But again, he couldn't make it

He has a Family, and a first born to call his own

How she longed to hold and kiss her Grandson's cheek's

To let him know grandma loves him, dear

A tear fall's and she hurriedly wipes the evidence before the other's see her cry

They know her sadness, each and every Year

And try their best to make it so she doesn't cry

They argue and fight, and lovingly yell at each other just to make her smile again

They hide in closet's, and behind door's ajar

When she called for help in setting the table or helping prepare

So Childish she would chastise with a grin

as she finds their hiding places, that at least hadn't changed

She sighs deeply and takes one final look at the stone that marks each of her babies names

The door frame still mark's the height of each

She lovingly run's finger's over each name

Marking showing the height as they grew

Footsteps muffled by tall grass blades masked the sound of his approach

Gentle warm hands, not so tiny hands anymore

reaches down, and close lovingly

Over eyes saddened by thoughts of Yesteryear

A tender smile tickles the corner of her mouth, recognition dawns

With, an unladylike shriek of gladness

She turns to find the one that was always missing on occasions such as this

Her heart leaps with gladness, and she hugs him close

Her baby, her first born, had finally come home

It had been Year's since his homecoming

Each Year, her sadness more evident

He lived so far away, yet he is the one she longs for the most

She loved her Babies all three, all with equal merit

But, he was the one that she missed the most

The one who strayed so very far from the nest

For my Son Ismael, my love grows with every passage of the New Year.


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