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The Only Opinion That Counts

Updated on September 4, 2018

"I think that", or "I believe" or "My point of view is" are words we hear everyday aren't they?

We hear them from people we want to hear them from and from others whose opinions we loathe to hear.

It is a fact.

People love to give their opinions on the matter of the day whether it involves them or not. There are very few people who mind their own business.

Everyone is a wise sage whose opinion is golden.

Popular Opinions I Never Asked For


I have been told that carbohydrates and fruits are the devil and that eating 'keto' is the only way.

I have also been told that fruits are the most important food group and juicing is the way to go.

What about when I heard that loading up on carbs and cutting down on the other stuff could do a body good?

Here's a good idea - drink only water, eat nothing for thirty days and you will feel like you have never felt before!


Forget everything you thought you knew - muscle strengthening is the only way to go. It'll burn more fat in the long run and you will see great gains!

Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! Jogging just simply melts the fat off and you get lean and toned as well!

Walking is the best exercise you can do in life!

You can't just walk, you have to get your heartbeat up!

Low impact exercises are perfect for the body because it does not stress the joints.

You need high impact exercises to stress the muscles so they will grow!


Some opinions matter more than others

Although there are many people out there all too willing to tell you what should be done and what shouldn't be done, there is always that group of people (or even one person) that you might know whose opinion matters.

That person is one you might want to give you advice because you view their judgments as sound.

It could be a parent, a teacher, a sibling or a friend -you really want to know what they think about something in order to help you decide what you feel.

But sometimes, that person's opinion does not align with yours. When that happens one of two things can come to be. You can reject your confidant's opinion and stick to yours (possibly causing a rift between the two of you) or you can throw aside your own opinion and embrace the opinion of your advisor.

Since huge rifts can happen when advice is given, I personally do not give any unless specifically asked. Then I warn in advance that it might not be something the other person wants to hear. On all occasions I am assured that my advice is indeed what the other person wants to hear.

I can say honestly that 9 times out of 10 they do not like what I have to say.

Do you like to give your opinion?

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"So why did you even ask me?" - Is what I usually rant to myself. Am I the only one who does this, I wonder?

We live in a time where everyone wants you to say what they want to hear. If we don't say it then there is offense taken, and when I say offense, I mean OFFENSE!

I don't know how you see it, but I see it as walking on eggshells that have hidden nails in them. Sometimes giving an opinion is downright dangerous.

Pirovitch's reaction when he hears "I want your honest opinion," is exactly how I feel!

As someone who is very careful about asking for advice, I am very careful about giving advice when asked for it.

The reason?

My opinion does not count. What I think about something matters not in the least!

When my opinion is asked for, I have to sit and think what my opinion is, throw it away, and then head to the Bible and the only opinion that counts - God's.

God's opinion is not just opinion; it's truth.

Sometimes, I find that the thoughts I had about a certain issue line up with His words about it but other times I find that I am completely wrong.

Since I do not want to distance myself from God,I abandon my opinions and stand on His truth instead.

There are many that say there are grey areas in life and that there are many options and choices in life and I agree but there is only one Truth and that is not my opinion, it is what the Bible says. Man tends to be wrong about a lot of things and confused about many other things too.

That is why when I am asked for advice, I make certain that I answer from God's word because He's not confused about anything.

For non-believers, this might seem foolish but, "Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?" 1 Corinthians 1:20

As stated before, most people, believers and non-believers, do not like it. I have received many a cold shoulder because of what the Bible says.

Opinions are not something I like to give but when asked for them, I like to give the best because those I care about deserve the best -God's truth.

© 2018 North Wind


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