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The Oracle and the Muse

Updated on August 15, 2012


My beloved Poet

Whose words of symmetry I admire

What truths in your poetry

Do I inspire?


Would you risk being thought foolish

When from solitude you move

As you strive to improve?

Are you seeking something new

Maybe a dream to come true?


No matter how far away

Don’t let your Muse slip or stray

For when she was born

She felt the words in her soul

And made them her own

The essence of all poets

Derived from the exquisite and sublime

In this life of yours and mine


The Greeks did not believe

In writing obituaries you see

About the deceased, they would merely ask:


“Did he have passion?”


So my dear Poet

Your Muse wishes to ask

With respect and compassion

That very same question of the ancients


It is by some fortunate accident

That our paths have crossed

You, the Oracle and I, the Muse

Who when alone, were lost.


From such special serendipity

Came the inspiration

To eclipse self pity with a poet’s passion

To fight the Black Dog despite his persistence

To overcome trials and tribulations

And the tyranny of distance

And to know that our dedication

Is without reservation.


by Maria D'Alessandro 


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