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Ordeals of the Young African Male

Updated on March 17, 2018
Endy Noble profile image

Endy is a motivation enthusiast. He believes in human development, loves poetry, and uses poetry to achieve his goal of impacting people.

The world says, “I am black and retarded.”

And my leaders abandoned me to my ugly fate

— Endurance AUF Noble, Exerpt from 'Ordeals of the Young African Male'

Stanzas I and II

I'm a young African male with dreams and aspirations
Wishing to be equal with peers in the world of progress
The world says, “I am black and retarded.”
And my leaders abandoned me to my ugly fate
I’ve desired to rise and hopes to fly
But I’m always pressed down by daily ordeals
I have this undying spirit that speaks to me
I believe the spirit that says, “You shall rise one day.”

I wake-up each day willing to work
But I can’t find a job in my neighborhood,
And so I’m broken in spirit because I don’t know where to turn
My father blames the White man for colonizing us
My leaders blame each other for political gains
And so I had to carry my dreams in my heart
I know that’s the only way I can save and preserve it,
Until I am strong enough and able to walk and fly

“O Teddy, it’s far away in the White man’s country.”

The same White man my dad blamed for my pain

— Endurance AUF Noble

Stanza III and IV

I desire the good lives and dream to live it
I know I will if I work very hard
And so I wake-up each day more determined to work
I went out to find a job, there are no jobs
I want to do business, but there is no capital to start
I wish to borrow some, but the regulations are tight
So I have no choice but to fast and pray,
Until I find the means, and I am able to walk and fly

My father wanted to send me to the best of schools
But he couldn’t afford the best we have around
My mother fries “Kwose” to send me to public school
But the teachers are always ‘gisting’ under the mango tree
They blame the government for incompetence
Then, I got sick and tired of being in school here
But I can’t cross from here to the other side
I had to wait until I develop some wings to fly

Stanzas V and VI

I walk the street of my estate each day depressed
I wonder where to find some help
You see me smiling like a Dutchman
And you think all is well with my soul
But down here in my heart, I know all is not well
I am only pretending, and struggling to be strong
I wish, pray and hope one day I will be strong enough
I wish I find this strength I needed to walk and fly

My friend call to say there is a better life somewhere
“O’ John tell me where that life could be found,
I wish to go there and work and pursue my dreams
I want to walk away from this endless pain down here
I want to end all my vexations, sufferings and pain,
I want to be free to manifest, express and achieve my dreams.”
“O Teddy, it’s far away in the White man’s country.”
The same White man my dad blamed for my pain
I had better remain here until I can walk and fly

Stanzas VII and VIII

“Teddy I am moving on since you can’t bring the ring
I’m not growing all any younger—I am being cornered by age.”
My girlfriend Titi now threatens without considering my struggles
“What about our love, and the dreams we share, Titi;
What happens to them overnight last night?”
“O’ Teddy, listens to yourself—did you just say ‘Our dreams?’
I never had any dream with you, and your claim amazes me
You are the one, who wanted me to be part of your dreams,
And since we can’t walk or move on—I am flying away

I look into the walls of my father’s rented apartment
They have got no eyes to sees through or helping hands
I stare the heavenly stars in the eyes for hope,
All I found is despair, instead of beauty and love
My world is torn apart and depression had grown deepened
And my soul feels trapped in this prison of pain
Hopelessness assails me, and courage and help eludes me
I have to pray and hang on for God’s renewal of faith

The beauty of stereotyping is that they are 95% of the times not true. When you have to run to the man your father blamed for your pain for help, then you should know your father's narrative is questionable.

— Endurance AUF Noble, thoughts on false narratives

Stanza IX

When you see me going to Europe through the Libia Coast,
Or pleasing substances just to make myself happy,
Or live this braid of perpetual resentments of anger and fear
It’s because I am a young African male
My father didn’t plan for me before he married my mum
My country didn’t plan for me before she drove away from the White man
And since I was taught to blame the other man when things go wrong,
So I blame the world

Do you think the White man is responsible for the uncertainty faced by most young blacks?

See results

Brief Explain to this poem

This poem narrates the story of many young Africans male in their homelands. The poet chooses to use the personal pronoun in the narration because he wanted to create a stronger effect. The poem also has some elements of satire as seen in stanza IX.

The poet is of the belief that most young Africans are taught to blame other people when things go wrong. The poet knows this approach is not always helpful to the African people. He sees not taking responsibility as part of the problem.

"And since I was taught to blame the other man when things go wrong, so I blame the world." is satirical.

Strangely, the narrative is true and reflects the ordeal of most young African male. The Libya Slave story though death on social media platforms is still fresh in many hearts.

There are also whites stereotyping blacks and blacks stereotyping whites.

Well, this is not an analysis of the poem but an introduction to help the reader understand a few things about the poem. Although written in a deeply personalized language it is not a personal story but the narration from every day's experience in an Africa society.

It's the hope of this poet the reader enjoys this piece.

© 2018 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Ajodo -- your narrative is more than in-depth. I was impressed at how you explained every detail of this piece: the mark of a talented writer.

      Great stuff.

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      5 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Thank you, Bill.

      I admire deeply the path you have chosen. The path of not just being a writer but one who shines light on the dark spots of the world.

      There is much untold stories of Africa and most African countries. Most times I wish to tell them but I don't know how to start. I feel inadequate.

      Thank God those feelings are gradually giving way. I am learning from you and a couple of other people here how to tell them.

      White privillege? I hear it often in news and books. Do they exist in real life? Well, I thought it's the other way round. Blacks fighting to be given what they can't give themselves. My thought though.

      We live in abundance but lack everything. No structure, no self-supporting system, no good leadership and no plans or creative ability...we are never just to ourselves.

      Young people in Africa are like Whales in an aquarium. You know, they can grow beyond the size of the container.

      Knowledge is shaping the world. I hope it shapes Africa too.

      Glad to have you.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 months ago from Olympia, WA

      There is no way for a white man in the U.S. to understand what it must be like. Our knowledge of Africa is very limited, and our white privilege colors most of our I find articles like this to be very illuminating, informative, and helpful.

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      8 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Thank You, Halley Kawistoro.

      As poets, I think we connect to our souls better when we are honest and natural.

      Glad you find my poems 'natural and honest' as you described in this lines "natural and honest ... may be able to reconcile with the soul and connect with each poem you write."

      It's beautiful having you here.

      Thanks for connecting

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      8 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Thanks Manatita,

      The human existence is one difficult to define. Identity conflicts have always existed. But as our lives undergo daily reconstructions through experiences we become incline to exploring the power of meditation.

      Although no official knowledge or guide on meditation myself. I have through books and thinking (meditation) attain some level of newness of soul. I realized the soul I wear now is different from the one I wore years ago.

      Each day I wake up more submissive to the divine powers. Although there is a hard part. That part is to be able to live out every truth that I know. That perhaps makes me human. A being limited by his own existence in the physical body.

      As we grow old and mature in the spirit through meditations, we become less affected by what happens to our physical bodies. We also become less affected by our experience of pains. A kind of detachment from selfishness.

      Here we begin to see less of ourselves and more of what truly is.

      As a writer and poet, however, I found myself in deeper controversy. I see myself much as an herald voice. More willing to speak for others through speaking for myself. Sometimes I ask why I am burdened even when I am less affected.

      I believe that is because the call is louder than the experience.

      When you are Called Divinely for a particular purpose, insatiability and curiosity takes you over. And the voice within won't let you rest until you answer the call.

      I would love to know more about the 'esoterics'

      "We esoterics say that you chose your circumstances on earth, while still in heaven" How is that possible? I'm just curious!

      Glad you are doing great exploring African countries. I am from Nigeria and will be glad to see you to Nigeria in due times.


    • Halley Indonesia profile image

      Halley Kawistoro 

      8 months ago from Indonesia

      natural and honest ... may be able to reconcile with the soul and connect with each poem you write.

    • manatita44 profile image


      8 months ago from london

      Mothers are supreme sacrificers, With fortitude and a whole bunch of Love and selflessness. They bleed inside for us. Having said that though, you are travelling your own journey and God has given you a unique set of tools which is meant for you alone. In heaven, you really won't be asked about your mom or anyone else for that matter.

      I have given meditation classes for 36 years. I will be in Kenya in three weeks, God's willing and I spent six weeks in Ghana (Your country?) Blacks here in Brixton, UK are the same. This is in the sense that there is this constant search for identity ... to know who we are and yes, they link it with slavery. I heard a Ghanaian do a poem like that on Thursday night.

      Each one has a package to unfold. White, black and other. So we unravel our individual packages as we move on. Necessary for many!

      If you can, there is no need to do anything else than to hold to your own convictions; to love yourself. We spend so much time in what the Christian mystics called 'self-love.' That is to say, we try to please others, so that we ourselves can feel loved. Necessary for some.

      Love from a position of strength and then serve afterwards. Never do what makes you weak. Having said that, I come back to prayer and meditation again and again, as nothing can be done without the consent of the Divine; the descent of Grace. Viewed from my standpoint, you are doing well, Endy, and yes, we esoterics say that you chose your circumstances on earth, while still in heaven. Praise be!!

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      8 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Thank you sir,

      I agree completely that the blaming other people is part of human nature, and that it's not only a black thing. The same goes for stereotyping.

      However, it appears to be very prominent with the blacks and a kind of culture among the black leaders.

      Most times we can't just rise above these stuffs because of our tendencies to believing rumors, inability to carryout out independent research and poor reading culture.

      Again, our understanding of spirituality appears to be faulty. Most of us Africans think Spirituality is another word for religiosity.

      As a young African Male I have to fight through some of this huddles through personal researches and with the help of innate spirit (Holy Spirit) which makes me so uncomfortable with accepting things at a face value.

      I am always thankful for the books I read, the people I met especially my teachers. I can't forget my elder brother who introduced me to books.

      On a lighter note, I am glad you chose your mother from heaven. Mine is so nice that she became 'a thorn in my flesh' (Laughing loud). She always wants to know why I am strange and deviant, why I ain't eating lots of food and wearing best of clothes.

      Mothers are angels. We can't repay them.

    • manatita44 profile image


      8 months ago from london

      You did a very good job; an excellent job in fact. It is a problem I meet all the time and by the way, it's not only blacks, it is the nature of man to put the blame elsewhere.

      Your idea of taking responsibility is Yoga. I live in a strange world. I chose my mother well from Heaven and perhaps my country too, so I was not taught all these things. Our Lord, in His mercy, has given me the capacity to negate them and as such to fly in the infinite sky.

      I hear you though. As with all things in life, Spirituality is the answer, The only answer. I really admire your narrative or cantatas and your frustrations as well as your willingness to share. May he continue to bless your Heart. Peace.


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