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The Other Side of Eternity

Updated on November 26, 2009


The Other Side of Eternity

Concerned with alterations of crooked shifts in social qualms
we remain abreast.
The images of a dying breed stained upon mobile upload visions,
A loose pattern pulling together to swirl up newborn galaxies;
Seeking order, the makeshift pilgrims slide behind.
All forces of universe, centripetal fusions pulling on our mass,
Pulling us apart, our atoms falling to the ground, swept up and poured
into the landfill of the past.
Bent towards hell and destruction, and the quest is the search for love in an untoward
The bus slowed down to give me a chance,
To catch up and climb aboard, but I just stopped in my tracks, and watched it dwindle into the distance,
Even though the only love on earth was on that bus and vanished, not to return.
On an old abandoned railroad bridge, I stop the race for perfect purity and fall into darkness,
ending in a vivid vision of one woman, her face like a smiling youth, unmarried and pristine.
Her bright yellow dress slides on her skin that transfuses into my veins beyond tactile lust;
And that smile will haunt me, and preserve me unto the other side of eternity.


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