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The Other Side of The Counter Coirkers and Their Ways

Updated on November 8, 2009

Don't Like Your New Hire? Have Me Train Him.

 I swear it's like a superpower I have or something.

A couple weeks ago I posted about a guy named Jim who was all ready getting on my nerves and he hadn't been there more than a day. Well let me just explain a few of the other things that irritated me and others about him.

He would frequently talk about how he was skilled in various martial arts. He could kick anyone's ass blah, blah, blah all around customers.

He once gave me this little speech and I remember it word for word. "I feel so sorry for women who look like guys. I think people who are ugly or are physically deformed were bad or immoral early in life. If you're a good person and do right you get to be strong and good looking."

So, here's the kicker. He actually quit during his first two weeks because he got a similar job that started him off at and I'm quoting him "17 dollars an hour." Wow. I know he's leaving parts of this out here.

But what's funny is I saw this all coming. And not because he was irritating. Not because he made innappropriate remarks around customers. But because I trained him on the register.

This has happened three times so far.

I trained this one guy on a register last year. He quit the next day because the boss told him he had to wear khakis and not jeans.

Then a month later I trained this girl who was fired for using a supervisor's numbers to steal from the register less than a week after she was hired.

I'm thinking of hiring myself out to other companies. Don't like your new hire? Have me train him, he'll be gone in less than two weeks or your money back.

There Are Two Kinds of New Employee I love


There are two kinds of new employee I love. The kind that listens to my pearls of wisdom as, although I have not been there as long as Erma and have in fact, only one year and a half under my belt, I do know just a little bit more about the bells and whistles of this place than they do.

True. Some employees are older than me and I respect their age. But when I'm asked to train them their age and wisdom means diddly especially if they are starting at the associate level. I had to take orders from 15 year-old snot nosed punk once and I was out of high school three years, so now it's your turn.

Rank Aid sells GNC products. But as we discovered with previous customers who have attempted this, the GNC member cards do not give you an extra discount on those products if you buy them here at Rank Aid. I don't know why, I just know that's how it works.

But Jim, said employee whom I was asked to train and is in fact older than me, insists that we take it. Even though he has barely been here a week and he's only been on the register twice since he's mostly on the floor, he insists that he knows for a fact that we take the GNC gold membership card and that he should get a discount for his Creatine powder. (he looks like needs to eat an actual meal before he wastes away but his dietary habits are certainly none of my business.)

Take it from me. We can only take a Rank Aid discount card for products sold at this store. It sucks but trust me, Jim, I think I would know just a little more than you about the matter.

From the Mart-K


I realize you're new at your job. But that card really doesn't garner much sympathy from me because you were hired the day after I was and have therefore been at this for two months straight.

I won't claim that I'm perfect. There are still aspects of my own job that I am figuring out. That being said there are ways we can help each other out to make our jobs just a little easier.

It's busy in electronics. So please don't call me every half hour to ask if I have any new e-mails, credit cards, or service plan sales as it distracts me from actually serving the customers who are waiting patiently for me to get games out of the cases, memory cards of the lock tags, and TV's out of the backroom.

This is another big one. I know you haven't worked here long and that you probably don't get to electronics very often. That said there are certain items that even you should know we don't carry in my department.

True, I could probably find out where those items are if they aren't here. But you know I can't leave electronics for very long without someone covering the register or keeping an eye to make sure we don't lose product in this high risk area for loss as it would be my ass on the grill if we were to loose a significant amount of said product. This leaves me with the only other option of having to call another associate, which makes the customer wait longer.

So please, when a customer calls you asking about a product will you please verify that it does in fact come from my area before transfering that customer to me as I'm sure the customer doesn't appreciate playing phone tag nearly as much as you think.

Thank you.


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