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The Pajama Game.

Updated on February 19, 2010


Silk and satin

you were to me
flannel warm

my Polly Esther
nylon stockings

emptied of two calfs
ten little piggies
two knees and a set
of thighs
next a pair of
d cups spilling out
their volume
what was under

turned inside out
on the bed
there are nighty nights
and then there

are no nighty nights
this could go either way
slip into a negligee
and I will become
negligent towards sleep
let day break
we will spend no time
repairing it
we have better things to do
why count sheep when
you can count sighs
why look at stars
when I can study the
gleam in your eyes
we can watch Mercury rise
as I explore my Venus
the Earth will spin faster
nothing mars love's passions
the moon is just cheese
you are the finest wine
that flavours
the nights sharpness
the edge of night is
soft and dull
and enters slowly
fashion is useless
in its darkness
just wear yourself
your birthday suit
we'll celebrate
it nightly
I will raise a candle
and we will watch it melt
after I race to get
out of my pajamas
and into your arms
the die has been cast
by your enticing smile
and it's time to
make my move
in this game of love.






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