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The People That We Meet Along The Way

Updated on August 13, 2013

TIED to an image,

(A self-styled scene)

With moody perfection, that's

Just like James Dean.

Moving to sounds of an alternate beat, that's

Pounding the rhythm,

Controlling your feet.

Nothing is certain, and yet

Anything goes.

The kisses you send me, are

Marilyn Monroe's .

CAN you still dance?

(Are you still able?)

Or have you become,

Too unstable?

A wild one dances in godfather's clothes, the

Grace is a leopard's, the

Voice is Brando's.

She sees without looking,

He slides ‘cross the floor,

(The lightening of Heaven,

And the thunder of war. )

SHE said:

"Dance awhile, dance.

With the kisses you send me. "

OUT there in the distance

‘Neath the morning sun,

Guilty of the persecution's swaying Pendulum.

Fallen by the wayside,

(Intimate figurines)

Only nameless memories remain to be unseen.

Judge and jury deadlock,

(Saints and sinners, too.)

It seems the executioners concede the job they do!

Little does it matter,

(Less still do we know.)

The further on we stumble,

Through the two extremes we go .

ONCE the hunter's hunted,

Chaste and running free.

(It seems like Hamlet's not always

‘To Be Or Not To Be.' )

Angels tend to listen, and

To make a joyous sound, and

When you're up here at the top,

It's such a long way down.

Lovers meld together living tabloid lives,

Roughnecks view the world afire,

Through their blackened eyes.

It only takes a moment, to

Understand my pain,

I'm dealing with a jealous heart,

And running from the shame .

ON days like this,

In times like these,

You've made the cut, now

Watch me bleed .

THE truth behind the lies,

Is not to change, but


Deception is the style,

Behind the mask you call a smile .

A smile for me .

ROMANCE of the heart,

Before you turn away,

Don't be sad.

...Save a smile for me.

Shameless as it seems,

I need to hide my face, and

Leave this place.

...Save, a smile for me .

REMEMBER the beating on the doors,

Of your heart.

And the people that we meet,

Along the way . . . . .


© 2013. Three Doves Media, LLC.


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