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The Perks of Nothingness

Updated on May 4, 2020
Jimmy Bio Jr profile image

The Perks of Nothingness tackles the mistreatment to the poor and disadvantaged. It provides spectrum for others to see beyond their realm.

We arrived empty-handed; we will leave with nothing but love or greed.

Only a few understand, some can relate, others turn a blind eye to the realities that many of our kin are going through. Yes, you might have heard of the stories told for many times but things aren't the way they should up until now. So many people are still afflicted by both anguish and travail amidst this highly-technological era of mankind. While the world escalates to a more advanced society, the spirit of compassion may have been left behind the ages. Truly, many still clamor for ease despite having everything they ever needed. Has there been satisfaction for these people? Well, no one has the answer except for those who wear the shoes not everyone is entitled to wear.

In a much bigger picture, we will see how nature works for us all. It provides us with what is essential to us. There is no exception. We are all under its wings. The world does not want the sun to shine in one part alone. It wants us to be fair. Nothing more, nothing less. Sadly, the message is not as clear as it appears to be for us all. Privilege is what a few understand, opportunity is what others see, hope is what some perceive. The horizons that we see are indeed different but we are what we are. Every one of us knows pain. We look forward to happiness, we dream for success, and we all want to feel loved but why do we not see that others are suffering? When will we open our arms and embrace the person we are in another body? We are but the same. No sane man wishes ill for himself and yet we wish others bad luck. We hate them for being who they are. We deprive the poor even more. We make things difficult for them when what they need is our comfort and compassion. We are blinded by the things that we keep in our palms. We close our hands but we do not realize that close hands are fists ready to fight. Those close hands know nothing, feel nothing, and care for none but themselves. They are bewildered because they have it all. Nothing to worry, they say but they have no one to stay. Great are those who have nothing for they have nothing to lose; nothing to worry. Only hands with nothing in it are filled with the perks of love and experiences. It is full of hope, full of love, and full of dreams. Those hands which have nothing pray that you prosper more so that they can help you more whilst you wish them poor so that you can profit from them.

Skies of the Pacific Ocean
Skies of the Pacific Ocean

Some hands which have nothing to keep os being filled with experience worthy to reminisce. They have gone though the toughest of times in order to at least better the situation that they face. Some say that they do not have dreams to prosper. A few tease them saying they deserve to be where they are. Nothing can be further from the truth but it is not the sole truth. They get to dream none of us can steal; the dream of happiness. Many times, they succeed in making their dreams come to reality. Happiness, for them is genuine because they only wish for satisfaction not material things.

Let us not forget that poverty is not a choice, it is catered for people who do not have the choices we have. Poverty is not indolence, it is every bit of industry and integrity. Let us not fill our hands with the things of this world while we watch others suffer. Let us look at a spectrum where we can see things beyond our realm. That way we will feel what others feel, we can see what others see, and most importantly we will lose our old selfish self for a birth of a new one to leave this place with a choice of love over greed.

© 2020 Jimmy Bio Jr


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