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The Personal Journal: A Tool to Aid in Writing

Updated on October 28, 2011
A stack of eco-friendly journals.
A stack of eco-friendly journals. | Source

Not many people realize how important keeping a journal is to a young writer. It is one of the first tools that can greatly increase a writer’s skill. A journal can be so much more than a private place to rant, relive daily events and relieve stress.

A Journal? Really?

Yes, really. When writing in a journal, a person usually pours out all of their emotions. Reactions to the day’s events, gushing about a secret love, trying to work through a problem; it is all material for writing. Whether you know it or not, you are working on your writing skills. The more you write, the more you want to write. The more you write, the better you write. It is a natural cause and effect relationship.

Another use for the journal is those very words you write. Having a hard time getting that argument in your story right? Does it seem to be a little flat and void of emotion? Take a look back at the journal. Read through a few entries and see how YOU felt during an argument. Use that entry and the emotion displayed in it to fill that argument with emotion. You may not have known it while you were jotting down that entry, but you were creating your very own emotions bank. Filling your journal pages is a source of inspiration, emotional context, and even a complete scene for your writing.

Journals also keep the stress for your daily lives out of your writing. If you are trying to write a romance novel and you are currently going through a divorce, you do not want the emotions from that divorce to pour into your romance writing (unless they are fighting of course). You could even go back in your journal to a time when that marriage was at its happiest and most love filled and use that to get your romance writing going on the right track again.

As You Can See...

A journal is so much more than a place to hide your innermost feelings. We all need a private place to release those emotions, but a journal does not just have to be that. It can be a tool to aid us in the creation of something so much more.


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