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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part I

Updated on August 12, 2012

-A Crowded forum was bustling with citizens from all over Athens, but one event took place among the rest. A young spectator that was listening to the young teacher Socrates, when a group of soldiers approached Socrates and told him to vacate the city for the day, in which Socrates complied. In an instant, the young spectator ran the older teacher, and began to speak loudly to him--

A Spectator:

Socrates...Oh Socrates...Speak to me loudly...not softly...Show me the true intentions you speak of,

Present Dilemmas from your past use of ancient yet bold recessions of faithful imperfections I must ask you,

why do you run like the wind through the trees of the loudest nightingale...we prefer to hear you speak,

the authorities know not of your true retentions...your re-collective molding of Athenian democracy...they deny you.


Sir...Do you not know the true meaning of life?

Have you fallen but refused to gain your footing soon thereafter?

Has your reason for life abounding gained no popularity from greed stricken individuals?

The spotlight...has it blinded your eyes from true soul searching?

Tell me my you know your own life before you question my own?


Socrates...I don't quite understand your questioning...but my answers don't add up to my own thoughts,

Has this stumped stumped I must find myself before I question you? I'm sorry for bothering you wise one.


It is ok my fellow citizen...Only know who you are with a feeling of virtue and understanding,

May now that I can ask you...When this world looks upon you...Who might you be to them?

--Socrates doesn't give the spectator among the crowd the opportunity to speak, simply bowing to him and walking into the crowded marketplace. The Spectator just shakes his head, wondering the confusing conversation that just took place.--


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